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28th Nov 2002, 10:47
It seems some `primary` airports are trying to dodge their responsilities in the area of security by refusing to issue ASIC cards to pilots that require access at `other` primary airports.

As a result many people without a police security check have virtually unrestricted access to airside areas!!!

Is this an isolated incident?

28th Nov 2002, 12:46
The ASIC cards are vastly more useful overseas. In Australia you now need your passport for international departures/arrivals....so who really cares about the ASIC card anymore.

You might aswell have your passport attached to the little badge holder. The whole purpose of them has been defeated by some braniac in customs.

Domestically I thought you just needed your license. ?

28th Nov 2002, 13:09
I agree it's a bit of a joke. I've flown myself into a major airport in Oz and have been walking around on both a RPT apron and the GA aprons. I wandered all around the RPT apron, in civvies without an ASIC and no one even questioned me, on the next occasion on a quiet deserted GA apron same airport I was literally chased after by a member of the APS who asked firmly where is my ASIC, I don't have one/can't get one, he then asked for my license which I had and he went over it with a fine tooth comb, asked me which a/c was mine and sat and watched until I departed.

It does beg the question if security is going to be getting so much tougher who's to say that you paper license isn't someone elses? Even airports like BK are now fully enclosed by coded gates, is it time that pilots were both checked for police records and given photographic ID that is to be warn whilst on airport grounds for security reasons?