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26th Nov 2002, 12:21
I am looking for information about Chipping Warden Airfield and it's history, and would appreciate any help or suggestions anyone may have. I am specifically looking for pictures, but any information would be appreciated.
Thank you

Sir George Cayley
27th Nov 2002, 01:15
Try this link http://homepages.mcb.net/bones/06airfields/uk/uk.htm
it has a comprehensive list of bygone sites

Good luck

Sir George Cayley

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Spiney Norman
27th Nov 2002, 14:18
Hi hjsims.
I guess you've already had a look at Action Stations No.6 'Military Airfields of the Cotswolds and Central Midlands' by Michael J.F. Bowyer. It has some excelent info, as you'd expect from that author. As the airfield was used for training, (mostly 12 OTU), during its operational life, you'll find info and photographs much more difficult to come by than normal. I apologise if I'm teaching my grandmother to suck eggs here, so to speak! But I'd get in touch with the RAF museum and also pay a visit to the Public Records Office at Kew. The aifield and unit ORB's will be available there. Photo's can also be found at the Imperial war Museum Library. The quality of the Operational record Books is often patchy. Sometimes they are kept beautifully and read well. On other occasions they are very brief. I suppose it depended on the keeness of the people keeping them! A warning. Any visit to Kew will unearth endless other information that will make you want to keep returning!


28th Nov 2002, 13:16
I fly over it on a regular basis. It is an ever-expanding car park these days - literally thousands of parked 'new' cars.

Much the same as Uper Heyford.

Was it a Wellington OCU?


Spiney Norman
28th Nov 2002, 15:37

12.OTU Wellington (+2 Lysanders for target towing)
1517 BAT flight. A.S.Oxford
After 1943 12. OTU which had slowly been advancing through the various marks of Wellington. Inherited Some Hurricane II & Miles Master II's. At the very end of its operational use, Chipping Warden became home to 10 ANS. (Wellington & Anson). Then No.114 sub storage unit, (disposing of Horsa gliders). Finally closing in December 1946. (Although the airfield remained MOD property for some years after). I haven't flown over it for some time but did fly over Oakley, which had a similar history and is further South. It looked as if time had stood still since the Wellingtons flew out! Just the weeds between the concrete sections of the runways have changed.


29th Nov 2002, 14:19


3rd Dec 2002, 13:46
I must be the last one to fly out from Chipping Warden, 29/5/84. I towed a glider out that had landed there with a Chipmunk. There were no cars then just the industrial units.

9th Dec 2002, 00:11

It might be worthwile contacting Air Britain or Airfield Research Group.

As I am a member of both I can post messages on their websites if this is of interest to you.

Please contact me direct on Martinburney@aol. com

Regards Martin Burney