View Full Version : The PM, Deputy PM, QANTAS & The YELLOW PERIL.

26th Nov 2002, 07:14
I recall Dr Cheong of Singapore Airlines meeting with Prime Minister Howard stating Ansett was sick and SQ would like to help. This was March of 2001.

A very powerful lobby group from Qantas, behind closed doors and through its media influence, pushed hard to prevent the tie up of SQ/AN/AirNZ & VB. It felt it was unfair and uncompetitive.

Where does the government stand now? Not the Kiwi Government, it is survival mode for AirNZ, but the Howard Government?

Would love to hear Moore-Wilton, Prime Minister's Department and exQF, conveniently justify this tie as opposed to his original anti-SQ stance.

Virgin Blue versus Qantas, Air NZ, Freedom Air & regional friends.

A lot less competitive or fair scenario than the SQ original proposition.