View Full Version : Hows ASA going?

26th Nov 2002, 05:15
G'day all,just wondering how things are going down there these days,haven't heard much recently,infact the last I heard was that they were close to picking up some ex Impulse B1900's for regional ops? How's morale and prospects in general?

26th Nov 2002, 09:57
SNAFU, mate! How's your dad going these days?

27th Nov 2002, 03:22
SNAFU?! Sorry old boy,must have me mixed up with someone else.:D

27th Nov 2002, 04:04


Not a nickname:D :D :D :D


27th Nov 2002, 06:09
Thanks, Dogimed! Okay, I will quantify the SNAFU a bit further. Two serviceable (sometimes) Chieftains, two ditto Bandits. The Aerocommander is still sitting at Bedourie after blowing a hole in the top of the left engine somewhere between Sandringham & there several months ago. The Seneca was used on the Mail Run last weekend. The Seminole is still sitting sad & forlorn in YPAD after some peanut done a wheels up in it earlier in the year. As for getting B1900's, I think that idea has been shelved. Possibly another Bandit in the offing.

27th Nov 2002, 06:24
Thanks for clarifying that dogi,no suprise to hear that not much has changed down there then,biggest procrastinators you're ever likely to meet,so full of ideas,from extra bandits to 1900's to Dash 8's,but as you said,SNAFU.

Is RH still running the show? Top bloke,hope C hasn't sent him to an early retirement....or straight jacket!!:cool:

27th Nov 2002, 08:41
Yes, RH is still running the show, as you said a top bloke although there are a few ex pilots who wouldn't agree with me. How are D. & the rugrats?

28th Nov 2002, 00:04
Sorry old man,no ruggies that I know of!!

I'm suprised to hear that about RH's ex pilots,always thought he was well liked by the crews,past and present. Wouldn't do his job for all the rice in china,C is an absolute nightmare.