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Roberto Baggio
14th Sep 2001, 02:45
I was wondering if anybody out there sees any connection to Tuesday's terrorism attack on the USA and the crash of Egypt Air 990 over the Atlantic Ocean a couple of years back.
I remember reading that there was a lot of high ranking Egyptians military on board as well as a few (lot) pilots trained in the Us heading back to Egypt.
Is there any possibility that this flight was downed by US military to preserve national security?
Your thoughts and views would be appreciated.

14th Sep 2001, 02:55

Given the NTSB report, I would say no, but good thought.

14th Sep 2001, 04:25
I wondered the same. Middle Eastern airline, B767. Maybe the pilot was attempting to turn back towards NYC when the struggle with other crew members ensued? The voice recorder transcript made religious references in the final seconds. It deserves investigation.

19th Sep 2001, 02:30
While I think that the above theories are obviously incorrect (i.e. EgyptAir 990 was not downed by the US; and the FDR tapes did not reveal any attempt to turn back to NYC), I do feel that some kind of link between the incidents should be explored by the relevant security agencies.

Was the EgyptAir 990 pilot who put the plane in the drink (I forget his name) in any way linked with any of the highjackers? Had he had any meetings with them? Did their careers cross paths at any time?

It may be conceivable that he did have a link with them, and that his knowledge of what they were going to do so distorted his brain that he decided to take his own plane down first.....

After all, he was a 767 rated pilot, and his last repeated phrase did indicate some degree of religious devotion.

Just a thought...

If it was a suicide, at least the EgyptAir 990 pilot did not take out anyone on the ground with him. Just the poor souls in the plane. As we now know, it could have been much worse.