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25th Nov 2002, 13:51
863,000 for airport chiefs who cut pay

DIRECTORS at cost-cutting Manchester Airport have accepted big pay rises while axing jobs and slashing workers' wages.

Financial packages for airport directors rocketed by 86 per cent from 465,000 to a total of 863,000 in one year, according to accounts leaked to the MEN.

The seven directors are spearheading a major cost-cutting drive which has seen 140 security jobs go earlier this year and remaining staff taking a 30 per cent wages cut.

Dave McCall, of the Transport and General Workers' Union, said: "It's disgraceful when our members have suffered massive cuts in their pay.

"And the airport's justification for this has been their own financial plight, which clearly is untrue. They only made less money than they might have because they secured three other airports.

"At the same time they felt themselves financially stable enough to increase total payments for directors from 465,000 to 863,000."

The directors' total pay package for 2001-2 spiralled through salary increases and the creation of two further director posts. The biggest earner was chief executive Geoff Muirhead, who was paid 270,000,according to the airport accounts.


Mr Muirhead did waive his right to a bonus. The dispute over job cuts resulted in a series of damaging strikes and involved airport bosses paying out 20m in 'sweeteners' to persuade some security staff to accept controversial new contracts which included longer hours.

In the latest phase of cost-cutting, employees in the airport's security-pass office and control room have been asked to take a pay cut while managers are also looking at more savings in the 70-strong car parks section, where unions fear jobs and wages will be axed for a new automated system.

Managers say their aim is to reduce landing fees and entice new airlines, including budget carriers, who say Manchester is too expensive.

Managers also say they have to tackle a huge slump in passenger numbers which saw profits slump to 2m in the last financial year. They blame September 11.

But the accounts also show the airport's profits were also massively affected by the purchase of airports at Humberside, Bournemouth and East Midlands, which resulted in interest payments totalling nearly 40m last year.

Today, Coun Brian Harrison, chairman of the airport board, confirmed the rises for the directors but would not comment on "personal details".

An airport board member defended the rises by pointing out that other airport groups paid far higher salaries to their top people.


25th Nov 2002, 22:27
And bang goes our christmas bonus.......as that slimeball Mr Teale,tries to justify to the workforce,why we cant have a christmas bonus,and how this affects him too...........as he cant have one as well.
Methinks you already had a rather large pre-chrimbo bonus to somewhere in the tune of about 80 grand.
Greedy B******ds............isnt in it.

26th Nov 2002, 00:06
[B]Pre - Industrial Action.
This bunch of slimeballs did every thing in there power to prevent the baggage handlers going on strike. The workforce as it was did not go on strike,but are one of the few groups that never signed up for the no strike clause.Now we have to tell them that thanks for all you did but hard luck on the bonus, we spent it on ourselves. And while were at it lets do a bit of chopping in Ringway ( being as we have totally screwed up the costings.) But we cant blame the managers after all we have just spooned out the cream for the FAT-CATS lets screw the workers.


So says the slug......

26th Nov 2002, 11:07
"Dear Mr Muirhead,
Please could you spare a small precentage of your 2002 pay rise to finance double glazing my house. My draughty steel frame windows have a tendance to rattle every time Ryan-Air pass overhead after leaving your shiny new runway." :D

What is gauling from my perspective is that all the local people affected by the development of Manchester Airport are thus far failing at getting any kind of compensation or help....and in the current climate surely they should be putting money INTO security!!? :confused: I can feel a letter coming on.......


26th Nov 2002, 18:14
Now you come here and sit on my renumeration committee, and you can award exactly what you think we are worth as a board. Nudge nudge wink wink. And as you are such a good friend of mine, I have no problem at all working a one-day week on your board as a non-executive director. Yes, yes I will be totally impartial and protect your shareholders. Oh, you are the main shareholder, well of course your investment will be protected and I will award you what you are worth on your renumeration committee. And you've managed to ruin 156 families this Christmas to save costs? Really? Well that total saving plus more will have to go into your efficiency bonus that we certainly will discuss objectively before awarding you. So drinks at the club tonight then? Yes of course I'll be there, might be a bit late mind, the new Bentley is in for servicing - must try to get a bigger bonus next year to pay for those services. Oh you will award me those in a bonus would you? Well, must dash - got another non-executive directorship to arrange with our mutual friend - I think he may already be on your board too?