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25th Nov 2002, 02:06
take a look at this web site came across it 2day...

dunno if its for real or not worth a look though


25th Nov 2002, 02:22
Interesting! - Could be a group of ex AN pilots laying in wait?

I particularly liked the 'E-Diets advert at the top with the slim model. - Nice legs!

Freek Flyer
25th Nov 2002, 11:25
Did anyone else notice the glaring contradiction? They go on about how if something is posted it becomes 'freely' available to anyone and everyone and that they can use it in building an airline then go on to say in their disclaimer that all content is copyright of it's creator and can't be used etc.

Odd thats all.


25th Nov 2002, 20:23
:eek: mmmmmmmmmmm why am I worried?

25th Nov 2002, 23:25
Page timed out. Removed?

26th Nov 2002, 00:49
me thinks its a bit of bull s**t!

27th Nov 2002, 03:15
The saying goes there are two certainties in life - death and taxes. Sam Kekovich reckons there's three, the third being farmers whinging. I reckon there's a fourth - AN will never fly again!