View Full Version : The dirty dozen, who/what are they?

25th Nov 2002, 00:49
I have heard a few people mention a group of pilots called the "dirty dozen", can anyone tell me who or what they are?

Kaptin M
25th Nov 2002, 01:21
Also referred to, by some, as "The 12 Disciples", they were a "token" number put on by Ansett, post Dispute, in response to the AFAP's allegation (of discrimination) that Ansett were refusing to employ their ex-pilots.
I believe that Ansett originally called in about 48 (however this might not be correct) of the hundreds who had re-applied, and whittled it down to the 12 from there.

One or two of them float around here (PPRuNe) from time to time. :)

25th Nov 2002, 03:05
There were actually 13. They all did nicely thankyou very much.Almost all got commands and many now at VB.

Essential Buzz
25th Nov 2002, 12:09
The number was actually closer to two dozen between 1990 and 1992.

Further re-recruitment ceased apparently following (Ansett) union intervention.