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20th Nov 2002, 20:46
Can someone tell me what the and dates of the fire and security strikes are? Also which Major UK Airports it is going to effect?


Sir George Cayley
20th Nov 2002, 21:04
Have a look at this thread it may answer some of your questions


Sir George Cayley

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20th Nov 2002, 21:17
Thanks for that SGC, questions answered.

Capt Homesick
24th Nov 2002, 19:26
Latest news is the first 4 strikes may be off:


24th Nov 2002, 22:27
Strikes called off as unions ballot on improved pay offer by BAA
24 November 2002

BAA today welcomes the TGWU's decision to call off strike action in order to ballot its members on a significantly improved pay offer.

The new offer provides an average increase of at least 7%* to basic pay over two years, up from 6.3%. This represents an average increase of 1,400, all to be paid in full in just four months time in April 2003.

Commenting on the announcement today, BAA director Tony Ward said: "We are pleased that the TGWU has called off strike action in order to put this significantly improved offer to its members. We are confident that our staff, most of whom do not want to strike, will recognise that the company has responded to their concerns and see this as a fair offer in the circumstances."

Discussions with Amicus, the other union proposing strike action, continue in order to resolve their outstanding issues.

Editor's notes:

* Details of pay offer :
The new offer consists of:
- a 1.7% increase to basic pay, or 400, whichever is higher, backdated to 1 April 2002 (former offer was 1.7% or 250 whichever was higher).
- plus 150 increase to basic pay, back dated to 1 April 2002.
- plus a further 150 increase to basic pay, payable on 1 January 2003.
- The second year increase is 3.5% to basic pay (up from 3% previously) or inflation (RPI) plus 1% whichever is higher. Payable in April 2003.

BAA has a highly qualified and experienced workforce and an unusually low turn over of staff supporting the fact that it is a good employer.

Examples of BAA employee benefits:
competitive salaries

profit share target of 700 per year

high value share save scheme

generous final salary pension scheme

free car parking at all airports

preferential insurance rates

flexible working

competitive sick pay

Departures Beckham
25th Nov 2002, 21:14
Notice needs to be paid to

Discussions with Amicus, the other union proposing strike action, continue in order to resolve their outstanding issues.

According to easyJet (http://www.easyjet.com/en/news/20021125_01.html) this means that there is still the possibility of strike action at Stansted airport.