View Full Version : Qantas 737 Fleet

23rd Nov 2002, 22:20
Am hearing tales in hushed tones in gatherings around the country that all is not well with some heads rolling. Can anyone give us the facts, or even scuttlebutt.

24th Nov 2002, 05:21
You hear right my good man.

27th Nov 2002, 03:24
Does anyone know when the 737 seating reconfigurations will be completed by ?

28th Nov 2002, 04:20
What's the story about the QF 737 coming in on a Visual Approach to 05 at Adelaide and not being stabilised by 500 ft; then overflying another QF 737 at the holding point at very low level before the FP finally put it down some distance down the Rwy?

Mud Skipper
29th Nov 2002, 20:42

That's right, it is a story, and just a story.


3rd Dec 2002, 23:28
Mud Skipper,

I heard the same story as wing_nut from a couple of QF guys who also said that the QAR had been removed and for this reason the incident was under investigation and was now confidential.

Apparently, these blokes were saying that to get a command, at least on the 737 now in QF, an interview and some form of testing is necessary - all because of this incident.

But, then again Mud Skipper the "R" in PPRUNE stands for "Rumour" and you are most probably right - these two Qantas guys I was talking to were obviously spreading rumours about the company again! :D