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22nd Nov 2002, 23:39
It is probably past time that someone without an axe to grind or a need to seek preferred treatment had a say about the state of the nation at the mighty maiden.

Make no mistake this is a great outfit to work for. With some minor exceptions a great bunch of pilots from diverse backgrounds. How they select them? Do not know but they do a great job.

When you objectively examine their achievements you have to give them full marks.

There have been some adverse comments, motivated by extreme envy, of the youth of some of their commanders. The record speaks for itself. The only real incidents are down to tired eighty nines and some NJS individuals of limited ability and imagination. Really a pity about the choice of some training captains, probably some photos from the NJS days around somewhere!

Nepotism? Yea some but you have to accept the quality. When you are hot you are on fire. One of the best all-round airmen I have worked with full stop.

For those still outside sharpen up and keep trying you will love it.

the looka
24th Nov 2002, 08:12
And for those still on the outside, keep saving those bucks cause your going to have to front up with twenty thousand of them for the endorsement. Even if your a gun. Anyone working on the inside to remove this smear on professional aviation.

24th Nov 2002, 22:14
What is your problem with the ex NJS guys?

One guy has an incident - an incident not an accident - and you call him lacking in imagination and ability.

If you look at the make up of guys in "the maiden" as you call it - you will find about 15 NJS guys out of well over 300.

Hardly the invading hordes overtaking the pilot group like the black death!

I might add that with a few exceptions the NJS guy had flown the following types - apart from the 146 of course - 727,DC9, 747-100/200/300/400, 777, 737-200/300/400, F28, A300, 767 and a few others that don't spring to mind.

Obviously not everyone flew every type - but you can see that they were not a bunch of no hopers.

There are more ex AN group people here than any other group

Airspeed Ambassador
25th Nov 2002, 00:38
Whisperingdeath (named because you like talking behind the backs of others perhaps?)

Sorry mate, but what was the real purpose of your debut post? To stick up for the chief pilots son or have a go at a handful of your colleges? You obviously have issues with some ex NJS guys and yet the average punter on Pprune wouldn't have a bloody clue about these people.

So you stick up for one group (so called Virgin young guns) and back stab another. Hardly mature stuff is it? Hardly going to give others a "true" picture of life at Virgin Blue in your effort to inspire others to apply.

From what I have read on this forum, the only people to have a go at the "young guns" are individuals who don't even work for DJ. If there are people within Virgin who are jealous and make it known, that's their problem and doesn't need to be broadcast to the world.

If you truly like the company you work for, you might like to stop and think about the image of Virgin you are putting out there before you post again.