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two speed prop
21st Nov 2002, 17:36
I am going to do my CPL/IR in Jan/Feb but I am a bit concerned about the structure of OATs IR. In order to reduce the cost of training the course is structured as follows:

20 hrs PA28 Warrior
15 hrs PA34 Seneca
10 hrs FNPT1 SE Sim
10 hrs FNPT! ME Sim
5 hrs PA34 Seneca for the 170A & IRT.

I am worried that 27 hours on the Seneca is not enough to get me prepared for the IRT.

If there are any OATs students who have done this course could you please let me know how you found it.



22nd Nov 2002, 08:56
Firstly I'm sure you will receive differing views, but from my own point of view Oxford Modular was spot on.

Secondly discuss your concerns with the CFI what happened with me was to reduce the number of hours on the PA28 and bank the hours in order to allocate more to the PA34. This worked a treat for me. Some of my peers needed a few more hours on the twin, but most finished more or less within the hours.

Third, in my view when you do get your twin instructor and you are doing the ME rating, ensure you hit it off. Do not get into a situation where you realise half way through your IR twin training that you cannot get to grips with the slightly different teaching methods/personalities that each instructor has. Sounds obvious but very easy to drift along and accept something rather than challenge or question yourself.

Good luck, make sure you memorise your checklists!!!


22nd Nov 2002, 16:34
I've not done any training at Oxford, so I don't know what their attitude towards this would be. But I would expect any decent school to be flexible enough to allow you to do as much training as you want on more complex types, as long as you were prepared to pay for it, and as long as they didn't feel you were trying to "jump in at the deep end" as it were. So speak with the CFI, and see if you can do more time on the PA34 and less on the PA28 if you're concerned.


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