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20th Nov 2002, 13:55
Help required to settle an argument.

Were any V Bombers ever based at St. Mawgan or St. Eval ?


Mr G.

John (Gary) Cooper
20th Nov 2002, 16:22
Well I was at Eval from 55-56 didn't see any there except Shacks. I was at Mawgan from 60-63 only saw Vulcans come in as MDA closed home base through fog etc, on Atomic Alert exercises Vulcans did appear at Mawgan in that period and so did others, Valiants and Victors. But don't think they were ever permanently stationed there.

20th Nov 2002, 17:55
Vulcans were to be dispersed all around the country in times of war, a principle that was practised during Tactical Evalutations. A detachment would usually consist of 4 aircraft. The bases used for det usually have a 4 "large aircraft" hardstanding immediatlt adjacent to the main runway, frequently only at the eastern end of an east/west runway (prevailing wind). Shawbury has such a hardstanding with a short taxi run to the threashold, Finningley and Wyton have them adjacent to the threshold. I imagine that the old V bomber bases all have them but I do not know for sure.
The cornish bases seem to be a realistic option for a long range bomber especially when there was a maritime role (27 sqn).

Of course the det may have been an OCU operating from an "unknown base" a detachment still practiced by OCUs and AFT even today.

Rumour has it that XH558 is going to appear on Ebay!! It will be a sad day if the old girl go`s transatlantic which is the only likely destination. The Mig 21 on Ebay sold recently, though who to is anyones guess.


20th Nov 2002, 18:14
The Vulcan Force had 'Strike Force Dispersals (SFD)' all over the country - Lossie, Leeming, Wyton, Bedford, to name but a few. I don't know about St Mawgan, but it wouldn't surprise me. The SFDs were fully self-contained, with accommodation, showers, catering, rest rooms, hard standings et al - the ac could be parked on the QRA 'fingers' at the end of the runway, or at SFD dispersals somewhere remote on the airfield.

Their ops rooms were fully equipped, and the sites fitted with tele-scramble, which connected them directly to the Bomber Controller. As Tiger Mate suggested, the SFDs were exercised every year, either as part of an exercise, Taceval or routine Sqn training.

So, in answer to your question, Mr Grubby, the V-Force were never permanently based at St Mawgan (St Ivel was probably too short a runway and not strong enough) - St Mawgan was always a Maritime base, Shacks then Nimrod.

21st Nov 2002, 09:32
Thank you Gentlemen for your replies.

You have all just won me a pint of ale !!

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