View Full Version : Clean Skin A320?

High Altitude
20th Nov 2002, 00:14
There was a clean skin A320 through DN yesterday?

Is it an ex AN going somewhere?

20th Nov 2002, 03:16
you should get some glasses ha, i believe the aircraft you are referring to was an all white A310, not an A320.... several differnces between the two, the A310 is a noticeably larger aeroplane.

there has been an A310 in over the last couple of weeks doing a freight contract.

however there have been the odd 737/A320 passing through darwin, en route back to the lessor or to new owners...

22nd Nov 2002, 04:59
there has been an amc aviation a310-300 bringing troops back from timor here to chrictchurch, over the past couple of weeks, prolly stops in darwin for gas

22nd Nov 2002, 08:11
yes, that would be the a/c in question, portugese registered i think