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19th Nov 2002, 14:16
Borders wide open. Airports wide open. Aircraft wide open. Unbelievable!

Major airport security alert

A major security alert has been sparked after an Arab teenager claiming to support Saddam Hussein climbed onto an airliner at Stansted airport and caused 15,000 damage.

Moroccan-born Josef Monti arrived on the Eurostar train on false papers and within 48 hours walked unchallenged into a highly- restricted area at the airport.

He climbed into the cockpit of an unlocked European Aviation Boeing 737, which was empty and unguarded, and smashed instrument panels and equipment.

19th Nov 2002, 15:25
The Daily Mail said today that he was a North African, the BBC says that he is a French National.

Reported to have done 15,000 of damage to the inside of the aircraft. He could just as easily put a bomb on board or damaged the fight controls. And this at a time of heightened terrorist warnings.

19th Nov 2002, 15:27
" . . . and will be sentenced in six weeks' time."
to remain permanently in a council flat with free TV and a weekly allowance :mad:

19th Nov 2002, 15:29
15000 damage?

What did he do, slash a seat and break a PTT button?

19th Nov 2002, 15:50
Another report from ITN

19th Nov 2002, 18:19
This was my aeroplane and I'm a bit miffed. It may not have any links to terrorism but the terrorists have just had a good look at how easy it is for a determined individual to breach security.
Nice to see BAA have got their priorities sorted on this one. Maybe if the youth had some nail clippers on him, he'd have been rumbled earlier!

20th Nov 2002, 15:29
A further report in today's Daily Telegraph. I am speachless.

20th Nov 2002, 16:44
Defies belief doesn't it ? We professional aircrew get the whole 'nine yards' from Airport Security and yet some unhinged idiot gets airside completely unchecked. Someone needs their @rse kicked over this !

20th Nov 2002, 21:45
Surprised and disapointed to hear about this. Having used STN for many years I thought the security was better there than other airports. There better be some serious ass whipping over this!

20th Nov 2002, 22:39
Bad news all round again,we crew get treated as if we want to take our own planes down,Flight Crew can't even get their loved ones on jump seats and some North African French Arab roams free!!.

Before you know it 2years inside/18 month suspended,let out, free house,social benefits, becomes the father of some young local females child and gets 250.00 from the Lotto and probably free flying lessons!!.
:mad: :mad: :mad: .


Departures Beckham
21st Nov 2002, 12:25
Is anyone surprised?

Probably the easiest way to get in would be at VP1 (vehicle enterance by cargo). With the choice of limboing under the vehicle barrier or turnstile, I'm surprised that Keith Chegwin hasn't made a program about it :D

All you need are dark clothes and a bit of courage, and the airfield would be your oyster. How about a nice simple PIR detector covering the area which sets off a bell in the VP1 'hut' - I think Argos sell them for about 20.

Dave T-S
21st Nov 2002, 13:11
I use STN daily, but to travel by train to work in London, so see it slightly differently to those that work there. Having parked in some lonely corners of car parks at some ungodly hours of day or night, i'm not surprised at how easy it was to get airside.

I don't know if it is still true, but until recently a parking pass would let you in pretty much any car park on the site.

STN still frequently seems to be run like the shed in a field it was 20 years ago in some respects. That's not insulting anyone that might work there, just an observation.

There was a move to evict us commuters from the short stay car parks last year, and as part of the checking of tickets it was admitted that there were loads of car park passes in circulation that they had no idea who had them.

Two days (if I recall correctly) after 9/11 I reported a car in the short term car park that clearly had people living in it.....to be fair I didn't see it again after;)

21st Nov 2002, 16:21
Those familiar with Stansted probably figured out fairly quickly how the intrusion could have been accomplished. No reason to publicize it on an open board, surely ?

But those pole-with-a-bloke-in-a-hut gates are asking for trouble. 2am, pitch dark, nodding off..... :eek: Appalling how many of them there are all over the world (well most of it).

23rd Nov 2002, 12:15
If one teenager can board an a/c airside and cause that much damage it makes you shudder to think what an organised terror network can do!!!! Think most airports need to step up secruity!

A and C
25th Nov 2002, 09:08
Once at Stansted when airside in the cargo area I walked 20 yards or so across a bit of grass near stand 6 as I walked back to the aircraft I was accosted by a security person who quite rudely insisted that I was searched because I had "gone outside the secure area"
There were no fences or notices to let you know that the other side of the bit of grass was insecure !

I can only think that it must be the fault of the BAA that this guy got on to the airport as like me he just walked across a bit of unmarked grass.

It is not surprizing that as aircrew we have a very poor regard for security , it is not the guys on the gates that need a kick up the **** but the muppets in management who make up all the stupid rules , I say sack a few of them from there over paid jobs and get the reprisentatives of the people who work at the airport around the table as it is only with the help and respect of the people who work on the ramp and in the terminals that we can expect to have security in depth.

Departures Beckham
25th Nov 2002, 09:27
A and C

Stansted has two security zones, the Controlled Zone and the Restricted Zone.

By walking across the grass you were basically walking from the Restricted Zone to the Controlled Zone. There are no security checks as such to enter the Controlled Zone (the home of business aviation), but they are of course required (as you found out) to enter the Restricted Zone. The restricted zone roughly runs from the Alpha's to the Delta's, and from the terminal to the Juliet taxyway (it also includes the Zulu's nowdays).

By walking on the grass by Alpha Six, although you may not have reached Juliet, the security guy probably didn't watch you all the way so had no way of knowing that.