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stall recovery
18th Nov 2002, 16:27
I am currently interested in completing my ATPL with a view to moving into the Airline industry. The problem I 'm having is finally making the decision and 'taking the plunge' when I may be spending good money trying to get a job in an area where I have little or no chance of being given an opportunity. All advice I'm been given is telling me that even having passed my ATPL the chances of me getting a job are very slim. I'm now 24 and feel I've got youth on my side but will my lack of hours be a major factor??? If anyone can help answer any of my concerns I would much appriciate.......HELP!!!!!!!!!!:confused:

Ian Robertson
22nd Nov 2002, 11:00
At age 24 (26 by the time you're finished everything) you shouldn't have any more problems than anyone else in getting yourself a flying career. Regardless of age though, don't expect to get straight onto a modern shiny jet for your first job. ( But it sometimes happens, so keep applying anyway) but expect to get onto a turboprop operator for the first year or two...expect to fly about 600 hours per year (give or take 100 )
After a couple of years of that your (young) age of about 28 ish and over 1000 hours flying time will make you a valuable proposition for larger airlines to look for.
Good luck.

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