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Sharfted Groundhog
17th Nov 2002, 18:45
Does anyone have any idea what an S/O with Air NZ gets paid in allowances on top of their base salary on an annual basis? From another thread it was estimated that the base salary was around $40,000, going up gradually to $80-100,000. Is this right????

With quite a few waiting for the second round of interviews, I'm sure the information would be greatly appreciated.

For all those people, good luck! :)

Kaptin M
17th Nov 2002, 22:54
G'day Piggie, I was having a few with an Air New Zealand crew in Nagoya...probably more than 12 months ago....and they told me that their allowances for a 2 or 3 day Japan trip were around the NZD1600, the company rationale being those who worked received (considerably) more than those who stay at home.

All well and good - if the scheduling is allocated fairly, which is where the "bid system" removes most of that possibility. I can recall during my time with SQ, there were several pilots who would make monthly visits to the scheduler with boxes of chocolates, souveniers from overseas trips, and other "encouragement/Thank you" gifts for past, present and future "favours".
I used to wonder what happened the month the pilot forgot! :eek:

Scud driver
18th Nov 2002, 07:25
See the Eagle posting on this forum, may help

regards Scud D