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Chimbu chuckles
17th Nov 2002, 10:57
Very well done by all concerned, especially tech crew obviously...04 musta looked real short.

Pprune Bash a bit of a washout due;

1/. Low numbers,
2/. Gaunty too busy nob hopping to drink with the hoi polloi:D

That's not to say we didn't drink...lots...just not in a PPrune Bash format.

And I'll leave Gaunty to tell how close he came to missing his flight out...and I had no spare seats in EZU:D



17th Nov 2002, 20:55
THanks Chimbu, great photos!

17th Nov 2002, 23:05
Good one Shaggs:D

18th Nov 2002, 07:30
I see ya managed to shoe-horn the Bonanza into one of those photos! :D

Chimbu chuckles
18th Nov 2002, 07:46
yup.....and the shoe horning happened during the speeches jus t'other side of the Aboeing:D;)


18th Nov 2002, 22:21
Chuck. Your picture is a vast improvement over what you looked like at 2.00 am last Sunday morning at the Welcome Home pub in Longreach!

19th Nov 2002, 02:24
I bet the 'nanza's bright blue interior is a bit hard on the eyes after a night on the turps too! :cool:


Chimbu chuckles
20th Nov 2002, 12:12

It is a 1970 model...retro paint job an all...besides, blue for boys!

Now WHERE's Gaunty??


22nd Nov 2002, 01:25
Mr Chuckles -

Great photos - you've had an interesting time over the years to say the least. Thanks for sharing them.

One of the photos shows the Talair team including Peter Bell. Have you got any idea what he's up to these days? I used to be mates with his young brother Ted back in the late 60's and Peter was just starting his flying career. We all thought he was superman.



22nd Nov 2002, 05:52
Ding Dong? Superman? Haha. :D Peter was flying the Bras ex Cairns or Townsville. Don't know whether he went to Alliance. Check the Whitepages.

Chimbu chuckles
22nd Nov 2002, 10:47

I have no idea where Peter is these days...he went from Talair to FWA with the Dash 8s but what happened after that I know not.

And yes I've had a career I wouldn't swap for anything so far, it's still a 'work in progress'...good things about to happen..again.:D

Torres...that's not nice:D


22nd Nov 2002, 11:26
Good aerial shot of LRE by Luke Chittock


Chimbu chuckles
22nd Nov 2002, 13:26
And that fine looking aeroplane parked next to the green Brousard is........drum roll........EZU:D

Nice piccy though with the lovely late afternoon soft light....wish I was that clever with a camera:(


22nd Nov 2002, 20:41
It's now a week, and no Gaunty!

Time to call out the Girl Scouts search party? :confused:

22nd Nov 2002, 22:36
Nice pic, Wirraway.
Chimbu Chuckles - Sandy who-used-to-be-from-PNG says gidday. Been flying with him for about a month now.

BTW, how long is Longreach? I've been there a few times but it was a while ago.

Chimbu chuckles
23rd Nov 2002, 00:07
That'd be the Sandy I flew both the Dash 7 & F28 with...give him my best regards.

LRE Rwy 04 = 1936m.

They had little or no help from wind on the day...most of what there was being crosswind.


23rd Nov 2002, 12:38
Will do.

1936m is heaps!
I used to land on 25/07 in Sydney (~2200 metres) in the Air Pacific 747-200's at about 210 tonnes, so if they were down to around the 190 tonne mark they'd do it very easily indeed. With max autobrake, they would have stopped in less than 900 metres ground roll.

23rd Nov 2002, 12:55
I doubt they even used that much; the tyre marks are very clear on the rwy, about a third of the way in from the 04 threshold, and they pulled up well before the 2/3 marks (in my opinion). I've got some grouse DVid but dunno how to post it - just have to put it on VHS & mail to chuckles.......

I ain't a jet-person but you just GOTTA be impressed by 200-odd tons of aeroplane planting in front of you:)

Went back again on a CHTR last week and the ground crews are hard at it prepping the thing for exhibit (I think). All braced and blocked now, but APU was still going.......and landing lights too for some reason:confused: