View Full Version : 2 impact sites United 767

Pom Pax
14th Sep 2001, 01:48
CNN are reporting a second impact site for the United 757 crash near Pennsylvania about 6 miles from the original site. A reporter at the 1st site says all the debris except 1 engine is all small pieces. He demonstrated with a panel about twice the size of your keyboard. The newly discovered site is said to be that of the tail section.
This seems to explain the failure to as yet find the flight recorders.
However it appears to open many more questions of what happened.
I was going to speculate but they are reporting the recorder has been found and that the one at The Pentagon has been located.

14th Sep 2001, 02:37
CNN are now reporting that other sites contain only paper etc. probably blown downwind from initial crash site.

Pom Pax
14th Sep 2001, 03:18
Agree this is what CNN are now saying and the trail is now said to be 8 miles. The wind born paper trail was hinted at yesterday at 2 - 3 miles long with a lake that might contain more debris. However a gouge in what appears to be a field of stubble was shown and must have been made by avery heavy piece of paper. The first impact site is surrounded by grass.