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17th Nov 2002, 00:55
G'day guys,

What are the quality of the QF training F/O'S for a rating? (how does CASA approve this?)

What is a better quality jet rating at Flightsafety Boeing US or QF in Aust?



17th Nov 2002, 02:28

I can't comment on the difference between Boeing or QF, but the TFO concept is based around receiving training from people actually doing the job you're training for - rather than Captains, which is a different job altogether. In that sense, it doesn't seem like a bad idea at all. Don't think CASA would have an issue with it as TFOs are all Command endorsed.


18th Nov 2002, 10:22

Just for your info.... all training f/o's with QF hold full command endorsements on the aircraft.



18th Nov 2002, 13:46
Full command endorsement is just what every other F/O around the world gets- and Virgin Blue too!

So QF F/Os have the world non-recognised Co Pilots Endorsement!

That's a beauty to search the world looking for a job with. Just ask the Ansett F/Os how well recognised that is in aviation with all but the career airlines.

So technically, a Virgin Blue F/O, is more highly trained than the average QF F/O with his 50s era Co-Pilot's endorsement.

Better get TJ onto that. If it involves ego he will do something about it. Watch this space.

Be a classy add for VB to run in the national newspapers. "EVEN OUR CO-PILOTS ARE TRAINED TO CAPTAIN STANDARDS, UNLIKE OUR COMPETITOR".

18th Nov 2002, 19:58
Boy, has this thread taken a divergence.

I think downwind was asking about doing 'F/O training' at QF, not enquiring about 'Training F/Os' which is entirely different kettle of fish.

Karunch, ALL F/Os at QF hold command endorsements on the aircraft. The short haul troops used to get a 'co-pilot' endorsement but that all changed a couple of years ago. Therefore, your proposed add would end up leaving VB looking like dills- similar to when they compared their own crews expereince withi John Travolta's. If the rumours about VB are true, JT would have a few more hours than some VB skippers- but lets not turn this into another 'us Vs them' thread now shall we.

To answer the question that I think was originally asked. Downwind, QF did John Travolta's F/O training in the 744 so obviously it can be done. Getting the spare time in the sim for someone who is going to give the airline worldwide publicity is a lot easier than getting it for someone who is just going to hand over $20-40K (or however much it would cost).

Waste Gate
18th Nov 2002, 21:56
All QF F/Os hold command endorsements.:p :p

Karunch, I think a more appropriate add would be:

"QANTAS - even our Second Officers have more experience than our competitor's Captains" :mad: :mad:

Have a nice day.


18th Nov 2002, 23:37
"All QF F/Os hold command endorsements.

Karunch, I think a more appropriate add would be:

"QANTAS - even our Second Officers have more experience than our competitor's Captains"

Have a nice day.


And they get paid more too :p

19th Nov 2002, 01:11

I was actually asking about TRAINING F/O'S in QF, what are they like compared to a QF check and training captain? (hrs, skills, expirience etc.....)

I heard all external customers have them, as opposed to QF checkies.


19th Nov 2002, 03:59
Here I was reading Keg's post feeling the fool... ;)

Comparing TFOs againts a C&T or SCC: TFOs have been in the company for less time, and have not been Captains. So I guess the experience correlates somewhat to that generalisation... Having said that, the TFOs I've run up against have a fair bit of experience before Q, and know their stuff!!

Quite often I've found the FOs (in general) rationalise things through and discuss different ways of doing something, whereas Captains largely only teach (have) one way...


19th Nov 2002, 05:06
Blimey, I was wrong. First time for everything!! ;)

Sorry D/W, I was obviously putting a mystical comma in somewhere where it shouldn't have been. Oops. In that case, I have no idea, met a couple of TFOs at various stages but never actually 'flown' with one!! :D

19th Nov 2002, 07:18
Hey Downwind,
At the moment I think TFO's on the 767 are in transition a little- one I know is off to the 744 (as F/o). I had three different TFO's for cyclics when I was a 767 S/o- they were all very good, all three are now Captains on the 767.
Are you thinkin about doing a 767 endorsement with QF are you??
One of my mates did a 737 endorsement with Qf (He is in Virgin)and said it was a bit more expensive than the States but the quality of training was great- (also a bit longer 8 weeks compared with a few weeks in the U.S.)