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16th Nov 2002, 16:18
Anybody out there know the latest about Chris Barrat-Jolly?

He is the colourful character who ran Phoenix Aviation out of Coventry and got involved with the animal rights protesters.

THey made his life hell and forced him to move home.

Just a rumour (well - this is a rumour network!) that he might be a guest of the queen at the moment for ferrying something organic that you wouldn't want to eat - at least in any significant quantities.

No - he doesn't owe me any money although I wouldn't be surprised to learn that he might owe a bob or two here and there.

I met him once and found him to be a very interesting bloke who seemed to be drawn to the 'more obscure' carriers as a pilot.

I believe that he has a squillion 707 hours.


16th Nov 2002, 17:42
Topic is still sub-judice.