View Full Version : EasyJet cadet training in NZ

15th Nov 2002, 22:23
Just been looking around the EasyJet website and noticed the first nine months of the new EasyJet cadet scheme is being done in NZ. Anyone got any clues as to where they will be training? And with who?


16th Nov 2002, 08:57
DANZ, follow the links and you would have got here:


What a coup for Simuflite. Not a bad contract to have at all.

Massey must be spewing :D :D :D


Artificial Horizon
17th Nov 2002, 17:29
Easyjet will be sending 25 cadets per year to Ardmore, so definately a great contract to have and take it from me NZ is becoming a viable option here in the UK. I know of several pilots who are now going to NZ for their training as the exchange rate makes training for the JAR ATPL (frozen) very cheap indead, including flights to NZ.

So be prepared for an influx.

Just out of interest, I have been in the UK for 3 years now building up my hours, the industry was in a real mess when I left with no prospect of employment, have things improved at all?

Cheers for any comments.:)

Anti Skid On
18th Nov 2002, 00:53
If overseas folks can get NZ residency they can tap into student loans for the theory parts of training and also living costs, but not flying hours (I posted this on Wannabe's ages ago) - in places like Southland all training costs, bar the hours (yes I know, the expensive bit!) are free. I thought about this, but was advised (by Pprune posters) that the NZ CPL is not JAR and getting it there would take forever and cost a fortune. Any one able to clarify this?

(PS - better start saving for the required 60K bond)