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tony draper
15th Nov 2002, 11:35
Interesting thread about peeps with similar surnames getting it together, what about cross breeds of dogs or other critters.
For instance did you prooners know that a cross betwixt a Labrador and a Poodle is know as a Labradoodle?, troo that is.
How about

a Bulldog and Shitzhu.= a Bullshitz?

A Shitzhu and a Setter = a Shitter?

A Poodle and a Pug = a Pugoodle or even perhaps a Doodlepug

The possibilities are endless.


Papa Charlie
15th Nov 2002, 12:11
A shitzhu and an alsation = a shitsation

A spaniel and a poodle = a spanoodle

A shitzhu and a greyhound = a shithound

Hey! Where would we be in this thread without the Shitzhu! :D

15th Nov 2002, 12:59
Hmmmmm......if it were possible to breed a mixture of dogs and cats, what would they be called? Dots, cogs, dats, or cags????

Who has control?
15th Nov 2002, 13:01
Jack Russell & a Boxer = a Jack in the Box

Spaniel & Terrier = spanner

15th Nov 2002, 13:46
A friend of mine has a Spaniel/Labrador cross which he has dubbed a Spaniador. Given that it comes from two usually "intelligent" breeds, it is exceedingly dim.:)

Select Zone Five
15th Nov 2002, 14:10
Jack Russell and a Shitzhu = Jack Sh!t
Shitzhu and a Boxer = Sh!tBox

15th Nov 2002, 15:11
I have noticed a definite pattern here... the poor old Shitzhu is being paired off rather more than any other breed ;) ;) ;)


15th Nov 2002, 17:36
Aaah Drapes ... but aren't you gonna say what the Labradoodle was originally bred for? ;)

15th Nov 2002, 18:03
Low allergy guide-dogs for the blind. First bred in Australia as a response to a request from a blind woman in Hawaii who was allergic to pure bred labrador guide-dogs.

If we're getting down to more earthly connections:

The cross of a Shih Tzu and a Toy Poodle is called a Shih-Poo.
The cross of a Lhasa Apsa and a Toy Poodle is called a Lhasa-Poo.

Seek a Poo (http://www.seekapoo.com/), "Is there a Poo out there waiting for You?" :D :D

Von Richthoven: "How lucky you English are to find the toilet so amusing. For us, it is a mundane and functional item. For you, the basis of an entire culture"!

15th Nov 2002, 18:50
Something to do with the fact that Poodles don't shed their fur wasn't it?

On another (but related) note, if Prooners were dogs - what breed would they be? :confused: (if this alternative reality has been explored before, feel free to ignore post :rolleyes: )

I'd probably be a dot/cog/dats/cags (delete as applicable :D )

16th Nov 2002, 01:42
If a great dane/bulldog was mixed with a shitzhu/setter then I have the feeling that a pprune dog would be called a "great bull shitter".....(at least in my case):D

16th Nov 2002, 04:13
We used to have a schnauzer that did dirty with the neighbours' poodle. We called the pups schnoodles.:)

Anthony Carn
16th Nov 2002, 07:01
A Shitzhu and a Pointer -- a Sh!tter ! :D

Ozzy Osbourne would have a cardiac arrest !

Uncle Cracker
16th Nov 2002, 07:40
My dalmatian - a [email protected]

Err, did I miss the point here?

16th Nov 2002, 15:35
I fu(ked a dog = buIIshit

16th Nov 2002, 17:10
Under the "other critters" category:

If you crossed a sheep with a kangaroo, you`d get a woolly jumper.

(ok, ok, old joke...I`ll get me coat)

Anthony Carn
16th Nov 2002, 19:14

SHeep and kangarOO -- woolly jumper. :eek:

Don't get your coat, just SHOO !