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15th Nov 2002, 11:12
Perhaps someone can comment on my following. I have asked on other topics before but without getting a clear reponse. Numbers of civil airliners are parked around regional airports such as Lasham and Southend. In the case of the latter does anyone know what happens in the end to them and who owns them in the interim. Examples are SEN two 3C registered F27 military S & R a/c. HZ123 707 former Saudi Arabian Kings private a/c and also 5N-HHH BAC 1-11 which has been parked on the same space for a number of years, but the tyres remain inflated so someone must attend to it. Assuming these plus the numbers of 727's that parked at both locations have virtually no chance of ever flying and there must a very limited if non existent spares market anyone have any views on why the a/c are not cut up sooner rather than later.

15th Nov 2002, 14:20

...maybe they're owned by spotters (who've won the lottery).

Just imagine what fun you could have with a parked BAC1-11, changing the regn & paint scheme every week...

...Just need to keep the tyres pumped up and pay the rent and you can keep the aviation mags guessing for yonks where you (unflyable) aircraft is eventually headed for...

Iron City
15th Nov 2002, 14:58
Owned by virtual airline operators that needed something real they could put their hands on.

Actually, ownership generally ends up devolving to the last poor schmuk that the owner borrowed money from and pledged the aircraft as security. Some security after the owner/mortgagee goes belly up. Worth .10 dollars a pound FOB aluminum smelting plant.

Oscar Duece
16th Nov 2002, 13:18
Parted out a couple of JP's about three years ago. (when demand for spares in US was good).

You don't get ally prices for them, because of the steel parts/ fittings. The trade call it 'ally riddle' We got about 90 a ton though, delivered.

About all a 1-11 or old 727 is good for.

Iron City
18th Nov 2002, 14:31
Okay, at $1.60 to the Pound and 2000 pounds per ton thats 7.2 cents/pound. Guess it takes more labor than it is worth to separate out the aluminium from other metals (after having out the copper wiring, of course) and it is difficult to run them up on a beach in Indonesia or whereever.

19th Nov 2002, 17:07
It has always fasanated me, who "owns" all these aircraft that never move. Also makes me sad to see some great old girls that will never fly again:(

19th Nov 2002, 22:16
I suppose they could be turned into a rather different type of caravan park !

26th Nov 2002, 13:34
Airlin's instead of Butlin's!!