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Uncle Cracker
15th Nov 2002, 05:47
Apparently it's accurate as well!


15th Nov 2002, 06:45
Looks to be a minute and a half slow to me. Different anyway.

You want it when?
15th Nov 2002, 08:44
It works of the PC clock MG! I think I've found a use for the graduate sitting oppersite me...:D

15th Nov 2002, 09:00
Powered by a zillion rubbers (erasers) and pencils. It gets a bit more behind each time a pencil breaks. :D

Papa Charlie
15th Nov 2002, 09:33
Magic !

:D :D :D

15th Nov 2002, 10:15
Here's another one for you lot of inveterate clockwatchers! :D


Fascinating isn't it?


Greek God
15th Nov 2002, 10:29
Mighty Gem
They appear to take the time from your computer

15th Nov 2002, 10:49
That is real cool.
I like them both.

How do you copy such a thing from the web to your harddisk?

15th Nov 2002, 11:09
For the bottom one, just load the page, and do File-Save As... and save it somwhere. It seems to work for me.

tony draper
15th Nov 2002, 12:01
Something that has puzzled me for years, when did peeps start putting that cross stroke on the seven, I notice the zeros also have a stroke across, but its the crossed seven that seems to have crept in here in the UK.
One would have been thrashed mercilessly for doing a seven like that when Drapes was at school. ;)

15th Nov 2002, 12:38
That saves the page, sure. But I want to save the file intself.
I've now asked the question at the Computer forum.

Thanks anyway RF :)

15th Nov 2002, 13:47
I think the crossed 7 may be European, where as normal 7 is British. ??

If you open the saved webpage using any text editor, the javascript for the clock is there.

Papa Charlie
15th Nov 2002, 14:29

.... and then you can make it into a screen saver....

15th Nov 2002, 23:07
I think the barred seven is used in Europe to help distinguish it from the number one which has an accentuated upstroke in front of it like this - /| rather than the good old British |. Not very good, I know, but I hope you get the idea.

Incidentally, I gather that the Inland Revenue refuse to handle any tax returns which use the barred seven as apparently it cannot be recognised by their form scanners.

tony draper
15th Nov 2002, 23:21
Dammed foreigners, ;)

16th Nov 2002, 15:03
Very Cool!:cool: