View Full Version : Cathay Toilet Terror Alert Proves False

14th Nov 2002, 02:40
These poor guys got jerked off - the aircraft, that is.


From today's Bangkok Post:

Toilet trips spark alert

Three relieved sailors kicked out of plane

Three men who carried strange-looking documents onto a plane headed from Paris to Hong Kong, and then took turns locking themselves in the toilets before take-off, caused a terrorism alert that got them thrown off the craft on Tuesday, even though it became clear they had only been relieving sexual urges, airport officials said.

The three men, sailors returning to their homes in the central Pacific nation of Kiribati after a long spell at sea, had aroused the suspicion of staff on their Cathay Pacific flight when documents they were carrying appeared to relate to the Sept 11, 2001, terror attacks in the United States, officials at Charles de Gaulle airport said.

The men then further aroused suspicion when they each visited the plane's toilets even before it took off.

Crew members inspected the restrooms and noted what airport sources described as "suspicious white drops''.

This information was passed on to police, who misheard it and thought the crew had found "suspicious white powder''.

Police then discovered that the documents carried by the men in fact contained pornographic material and said this apparently explained why they had been in a hurry to visit the toilet.

Despite the explanation, the plane's captain refused to let the men travel on his flight.