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13th Nov 2002, 13:23
"An audiotaped statement said to have been recorded by Osama bin Laden and aired yesterday on the Arabic-language channel Al-Jazeera explicitly threatens Canada for the first time over its role in the U.S.-led war on terrorism.

According to reports last night, U.S. officials say the voice giving a rambling speech that also praises recent terrorist attacks in Bali, Yemen and Moscow is indeed that of bin Laden. The tape admonishes six Western countries including Canada for joining the campaign to dismantle bin Laden's al-Qaeda network.

"Why did your governments ally themselves with America to attack us in Afghanistan, and I cite in particular Great Britain, France, Italy, Canada, Germany and Australia," threatens the statement attributed to the Saudi terror", whacko.

"As you assassinate, so will you be [assassinated] ... Do your governments not know that the clique in the White House is made up of the greatest murderers of the century?

U.S. officials say a preliminary analysis by intelligence experts has
concluded that the voice is bin Laden's, U.S. television networks reported. "It's him," two senior officials from different agencies told NBC News as the Central Intelligence Agency continued to analyze the recording.

"It is probably him, but we don't know [for certain]," a U.S. official told Reuters.

A Japanese voice recognition expert has indicated that it is probably him and that the tape was made from a secure room. There are indications from voice analysis that he is also unwell. Seriously unwell, I hope.

I'd like to assume that Canadian authorities, airline/airport personnel and all Canadians will step up their vigilance as will the good citizens of the other named countries.

I find it unfortunate that although this is a fight against terrorism the opposition seems intent on characterising it as a religious war. Sad, deranged stuff. Don't let it cancel your travel plans. Don't give in.:mad:

13th Nov 2002, 13:33
I hope that one of the first bombs dropped by us lands on the HQ of Al-Jazeera.

That sattelite channel is nothing but a mouthpiece for terrorists.

:mad: :mad: :mad:

13th Nov 2002, 14:00
Onwards Christian Soldiers....... :rolleyes:
Let's bomb the s**t out of an independant Arab broadcasting station.
But not too much chaps, or we'll bomb ya.

13th Nov 2002, 14:16
Independent of what ?

Al Qaeda ??

:( :( :(

Vortex what...ouch!
13th Nov 2002, 15:52
Came across this on another site:

Back in 1987.........

This is part of the transcript of Lt. Col. Oliver North testifying at the Iran-Contra hearings during the Reagan Administration.

There was Ollie in front of God and country getting the
third degree, but what he said was stunning!

He was being drilled by some senator; "Did you not recently spend close to $60,000 for a home security system?"

Ollie replied, "Yes, I did, Sir."

The senator continued, trying to get a laugh out of the audience, "Isn't that just a little excessive?"

"No, sir," continued Ollie.

"No? And why not?" the senator asked.

"Because the lives of my family and I were threatened, sir."

"Threatened? By whom?" the senator questioned.

"By a terrorist, sir" Ollie answered.

"Terrorist? What terrorist could possibly scare you that

"His name is Osama bin Laden, sir" Ollie replied.

At this point the senator tried to repeat the name, but couldn't pronounce it, which most people back then probably couldn't. A couple of people laughed at the attempt. Then the senator continued. Why are you so afraid of this man?" the senator asked.

"Because, sir, he is the most evil person alive that I know of", Ollie answered.

"And what do you recommend we do about him?" asked the

"Well, sir, if it was up to me, I would recommend that an assassin team be formed to eliminate him and his men from the face of the earth."

The senator disagreed with this approach.

That senator was Al Gore

tony draper
13th Nov 2002, 16:29
Sorry Vortex, thats a urban legend.


Hee hee , got my fingers burned with it as well.

13th Nov 2002, 16:32
Well, that may be an urban legend, but according to Sky News, Iraq has unconditionally accepted the UN resolution. No more details - I have the tv on with the sound off in the office, so I only know what the captions at the bottom of the screen tell me.


13th Nov 2002, 16:55

Iraq has accepted the United Nations resolution unconditionally and now awaits weapons inspectors.

The UN Security Council resolution requires Baghdad to disarm and cooperate with weapons inspectors or face the "serious consequences."

"I delivered a letter to the secretary-general's office," Iraq's UN ambassador Mohammed Aldouri said. "It was a positive reply."

Mr Aldouri said: "We don't have any weapons of mass destruction so we are not worried about any inspectors. "We always opt for the path of peace".

"We will choose always the peaceful ways and means and this is part of our policy to protect our country and our region from the threat of war, which is real."

Aldouri described the six-page letter as "unconditional, no questions asked" and said, "We are waiting for the inspectors to go as scheduled. We are eager to see the inspectors perform their duties in accordance with international law."

"This is a part of our policy that is to protect our country, to protect the nation, to protect our region also from the threat of war," he said.

The letter was signed by Foreign Minister Naji Sabri. The Security Council gave Iraq a one-week deadline, November 15, to accept the resolution and promise to abide by its terms. Aldouri said his country accepted the resolution in order to avoid a US-led attack.

"It is a positive reply," said Syrian envoy, Fayssal Mekdad after conferring with Mr Aldouri.

Mr Aldouri said he was delivering a letter from his government to the 15-member Security Council.

13th Nov 2002, 22:50
When in doubt Iraqi foreign policy would seem to be Lie! Lie! Then lie again! So what's new.