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13th Nov 2002, 12:21
Hi there,

Just have a quick question. Was recently browsing through OAT's website and saw a package ('Classic package') for CPL/IR ME MCC for about 27k. Not that I have 27K at the moment, but was curious as to the following. I have PPL TT 50 hours. To enter a course like the above, do I need to have a minimum amount of hours? I am sure I read that I do, but was just wondering if someone could confirm this to me and also how many hours it actually is.



13th Nov 2002, 15:11
You need a minimum of (I think) 150hrs TT, 100hrs P1, a flight of at least 300nm with 2 full-stop landings at airfields other than your derparture airfield, and a pass in all of the CPL or ATPL exams before you can begin a CPL course. I'd imagine that Oxfords requirements would be the same - they certainly won't be any lower.

(* Waits to be corrected *)


13th Nov 2002, 15:27
If the requirements to start the course are as FFF suggests then the offer appears a bit expensive. You would only need to do a CPL course (5K), IR (10K), ME (3K?) and an MCC (3K?). Unless my guestimates are way off then the remainding courses to get to CPL/IR + ME + MCC would only cost about 21k. (Excluding the repeat exams, extra flying lessons and buying a few drinks afterwards!)



Just checked Oxford's site and the course includes ATPL ground school for 5.5K, which makes more sense}

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