View Full Version : Action shots of the Hughes racer replica

I. M. Esperto
13th Nov 2002, 11:43
Action shots of the Hughes racer replica:


13th Nov 2002, 12:52
Thank you I.M.E.
nice to see this mean machine in the air.

Lu Zuckerman
13th Nov 2002, 13:44
When I was on a consulting contract at Hughes Helicopters in Culver City, CA I along with several other engineers was taken to a small warehouse. When the lights were turned on the first thing we saw was a full-scale mock-up of the Hughes 369 made totally out of Mahogany. Next our eyes were drawn to a large form covered by a canvas tarp. When the tarp was pulled away the original Hughes Racer was exposed. It was like being witness to aviation history.