View Full Version : Universal Quiz Delay

Jolly Hockeysticks
13th Nov 2002, 02:42
Due to a slight technical hitch this weeks quiz will be posted tomorrow.


Sultan Ismail
13th Nov 2002, 03:51
Tomorrow is cancelled.

I read it on the internet

13th Nov 2002, 14:23
Tom Peters was once scheduled to give a seminar to a bunch of airline execs at 19:00 one evening.

The hall was packed and 19:00 arrived... and went.
Five minutes went by without a stir from the stage.
Ten minutes and no announcement or explanation was forthcoming.
Fifteen minutes passed and the assembled crowd was quite disturbed and very fidgety.

Tom then walked onto the stage and said to all...

"By the standards of your industry, I am precisely on time".

Soon after that my mob went to zero tolerance for on-time arrival and departure reporting, statistically, you understand.