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Tonic Please
12th Nov 2002, 19:44
Ok..Canadians really will be more help I expect. But anyone I guess. My uncle is after some Canadian Exclusive Beanies/Buddys....which are made by TY. Aparrently they make all kinds of Buddys/Teddys and Beanies.

So, anyone help? Have any for sale, or know where I can get them, please post or private message me, or email.

Smooth skies!

Dan :D

Boss Raptor
12th Nov 2002, 19:52
Ebay - or other such auction sites...the 'country' Beanies tend to be the special edition bears and can be quite rare - last Canadian one was Maple and one before was Canuk I think...go to Smiths and look for the magazine 'Beanie World' or similar...

OK OK so my mother collects Beanies and I have to scour the world for them...


12th Nov 2002, 19:56
Now don't try and get out of it Boss ... you seem just the type of guy to have cute little fluffy animals filling up his car ;)

12th Nov 2002, 20:47
I am pestered by the grand-Tigers for these things. Found a good local store, which of course is of absolutely no use to you :D

However if you key 'Canadian Beanies' into google, you'll get a whole bunch of mail-order sites.

12th Nov 2002, 21:35
I'll have a look downtown tomorrow, apart from being Canadian exclusive is there a specific design you are after?

nb wouldnt be surprised if the tricolor version is more popular here :D

Tonic Please
12th Nov 2002, 21:37
Thanks loads for your replies and help people!! Appreciate it lots :D

I dont nkow about specific types. I was just told TY. lol...dont mean much to me, but there may be a Teddy Fanatic out there somewhere :D :D

Smooth skies
Me :cool: