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12th Nov 2002, 08:17
Captain to first officer :"That's not the way to drink coffee"

Coffee sniffing first officer (http://www.airliners.net/open.file/287388/L/)

Anthony Carn
12th Nov 2002, 08:31
Capt to F/O

"Yes, I know a cold is miserable, but can't you use a hankerchief like everyone else ?" :eek:


Capt. to F/O

"You promised you'd swallow ! " :D

Select Zone Five
12th Nov 2002, 09:29
Captain to F/O: Yawn....Vee one......rotate......

Kermit 180
12th Nov 2002, 09:31
So.... hows the AA meetings going then?

12th Nov 2002, 11:24
"Guess we got the jet without the refuelling probe then?"

"Oi, Loadie how many times do i have to say, white with two!"

12th Nov 2002, 12:00
"I hate these breath analyzers........"



simon brown
12th Nov 2002, 13:22
F/O to Captain..

" I need these bloody smelling salts to stay awake during this roster"

12th Nov 2002, 20:24
Captain to F/O

"How's that Weight Watchers course going?"

12th Nov 2002, 20:53
F/O : "Hold her still, captain, this stuff is going all over the place."


Capt: "I still can't get the hang of these new tie clips, do mine for me will you, your's looks ace."

A Very Civil Pilot
16th Nov 2002, 17:18
Descend! Descend Now!

Hagbard the Amateur
16th Nov 2002, 18:39
"I was told that snorting Coke was a good wake up..."

16th Nov 2002, 19:26
Not a caption!

Does anyone know what this guy is doing? :confused:

16th Nov 2002, 22:26
This coffee smells like s!*t:D

16th Nov 2002, 23:53
"I've got a hole in my lip"

16th Nov 2002, 23:54
F/O: Damn Drive-Thru, I told them I wanted it black!!! :mad:

17th Nov 2002, 02:23
Capt to F/O

-".......Were you one of the two guys fired by America West !?"

Just an other number
17th Nov 2002, 07:00

Looks to me like the F/O is holding (with his thumb and forefinger) a wine glass (or possibly a tumbler) inside the paper beverage cup.
There may also be a white paper tissue between his thumb and the glass.
He appears to be drinking from the glass.
The two white diagonal thick lines apparently from his nostrils are reflections on the outside and the inside of the glass. These reflection align with the relection on his tie clip and with the relections on the clip of the clipboard.

But then again it's probably a NASA fake.

Desert Budgie
17th Nov 2002, 07:59
just another number,

I think you got it. I couldnt think what the hell was going on, but looking at it again it looks like your right. It still looks like a hell of an awkward way to drink something. Maybe the pilots had some game going on while waiting for a pushback. I dunno.

Anyway, I wish the F/O good luck with passing his next medical. It looks like he is going to need it!!! :p


17th Nov 2002, 22:30
There is a strong fruity flavour with a slight a hint of berries.