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Flying Spaniard
12th Nov 2002, 03:23
i was bored and started looking around on the Emirates website i saw that they will be starting operations from DXB to Perth, forgive me if i am wrong, lets say someone from BHX catches a Emirates flight to DXB and connects after 3 hours to a flight to Perth that will make it the shortest avaiable flight from BHX to Perth am I right here?

Emirates Airl Flight 40 Non-stop Meal
Airbus A330 Coach Flight Time 8 hrs
Departing Aug. 7, 2003 Birmingham, GB (BHX ) 1:25 pm
Arriving Aug. 8, 2003 Dubai, AE (DXB ) 12:25 am

Ground Time 2 hr 10 min
Emirates Airl Flight 420 Non-stop Meal
Boeing 777 Coach Flight Time 10 hrs 50 min
Departing Aug. 8, 2003 Dubai, AE (DXB ) 2:35 am
Arriving Aug. 8, 2003 Perth, AU (PER ) 5:25 pm

Total Travel Time 20 hr 0 min

Departing Friday, Aug. 8, 2003
Perth (PER - Perth Arpt) to Melbourne (MEL - Tullamarine Arpt)

Qantas Airways Flight 498 Non-stop Dinner
Boeing 737-300 Coach Flight Time 3 hrs 30 min
Departing Aug. 8, 2003 Perth, AU (PER ) 6:10 pm
Arriving Aug. 8, 2003 Melbourne, AU (MEL ) 11:40 pm

Total Travel Time 3 hr 30 min

Now let says that the same person wants to go to MEL it would only take him a TT of 24 hr 5 min wouldn't this be the fastest way to PER or MEL?

Comments welcome!

Cessna Capt
12th Nov 2002, 06:07
they already started flying to perth.....been going for a few months now

Flying Spaniard
12th Nov 2002, 06:18
Thanks for that maybe the twats at Emi could update their website! it says "operations will start from 2 august"
So i thought 2003...

13th Nov 2002, 09:27
Over 30 years ago Qantas QF7 travelled PER/BOM/LHR 19+ hour flight.
Not bad for a "Classic".:D