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11th Nov 2002, 23:33
From the online Telegraph:

Prisoners are to be allowed hardcore pornography inside British jails for the first time after mounting a successful challenge based on the Human Rights Act.

The decision follows a campaign by Dennis Nilsen, the serial killer jailed in 1983 for murdering six young men, to be allowed to receive explicit homosexual pornography. Nilsen, who kept the bodies of his victims for days, is expected to use the ruling to challenge previous decisions to deny him access to such material.

Until the ruling by the Prison Service, inmates had been allowed to receive only magazines available from any high street newsagent; all hardcore material was forbidden. Prison officers had sometimes censored magazines by ripping out pictures they considered too explicit.

A number of inmates have used human rights laws introduced by the Labour Government in 2000 to demand access to hardcore magazines containing explicit photographs of real sex that are available only from licensed sex shops. The prisoners cited article 10 of the Human Rights Act, guaranteeing the right of expression and the right to receive information. The Act incorporates the European Convention on Human Rights into British law.

So, who exactly are the w*nk*rs here, then?

12th Nov 2002, 08:06
I'm having another of those "The-Emperor-isn't-wearing-any-clothes" moments :rolleyes:

I thought the whole point of going to prison was that you lose certain basic rights.

How long before the PC brigade decide that losing your freedom is also a breach of the Human Rights Act ? :mad:

Kermit 180
12th Nov 2002, 08:36
Agree with Grainger re rights etc, theyre supposed to be thinking about what theyve done and how they will repay their debt to society and be better people when their time for release is up. How are they gong to do that when reading porno mags? The only winners will be the tissue manufacturers.

Kerms :mad:

Anthony Carn
12th Nov 2002, 08:41
Presumably the taxpaying victims of crime will be paying for all of this.

My vote is that they don't get ANY magazines, plus no TV, radio, tobacco, sex sessions with the missus, hot water, immediate medical care, ping pong, whatever.

Prison is'nt supposed to give criminals any rights; They forfeited those when they denied their victims their human rights !

I'm becoming very weary of this country.