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11th Nov 2002, 20:10
The BBC - Monday, 11 November

Tramp's body given to artist's estate

The embalmed body of a tramp who died 18 years ago could be put on display after being released to an artist's estate, a coroner has said. The body of Edwin MacKenzie, who was known as Diogenes, was found hidden in a chest of drawers in the studio of Plymouth-based artist Robert Lenkiewicz.

The discovery in mid-August came after Mr Lenkiewicz, 60, died of a heart attack. Edwin McKenzie was a close friend of the artist. The whereabouts of the 72-year-old's body since his death in the 1980s had been a mystery. It was believed the dying wish of Mr McKenzie, who had no known family, was that his friend should embalm his body as a "work of art".

After the body was found, the coroner was asked to decide who should have legal possession. Mr Meadows said the executor of the Lenkiewicz estate could have the body cremated or transferred to the Lenkiewicz Foundation, the charity responsible for the artist's paintings and books.

He said it would be up to the foundation to decide what to do with the body. But he continued: "Provided they comply with health and safety regulations and don't outrage public decency it is possible that they could retain the body on some sort of public display"..................

tony draper
12th Nov 2002, 09:14
Watched a interesting doc about the Body Snatchers in the last century, apparently they were not breaking the law, as corpses had no protection under the law as it stood then.
They used to charge then under criminal damage or tresspass if they were caught.
I believe they did change the law eventually.
Wasn't there a artist arrested fo useing body parts in his work recently, personaly I would convert all of these poxy modern artists into corpses.

Kermit 180
12th Nov 2002, 09:25
Perhaps theres a place in Parliament for the embalmed one? Back bencher perhaps.