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tony draper
10th Nov 2002, 20:44
Good idea for a program, would normaly watch something like this,
Why do they have to ruin it bye chuking a Jack the lad all teeth and and hair, f*ckwit ,tosser, bubble brain, reject from kiddies saturday morning telly, presenter into the front end.
What happenned to presenter that presented the program and not themselves, presenter with a bit of dignity.?
Is it just me???.:rolleyes:

10th Nov 2002, 20:47
Err Tony you've lost me there mate

Who was the **** in question??

tony draper
10th Nov 2002, 20:49
That smart arse **** with the irish accent, and line of travel patter from the readers digest.

Uncle Cracker
10th Nov 2002, 20:49
Craig Doyle apparently - who he anyway?:confused:

tony draper
10th Nov 2002, 20:54
Why do they all try and ape Clarkson,? none of them can pull off the p!ss taking type of commentry old Jeremy has mastered, they just irritate.

10th Nov 2002, 20:59
Gotcha now. I totally agree.

The wife wants his babies however.

Uncle Cracker
10th Nov 2002, 21:00
Did some stuff for Jamie Theakston last year. Turned out to be a right miserable git.

10th Nov 2002, 21:03
Don't tell Flaps Tony, but he had a bit of a dig at the scandihooligans today. :D :D

"In a competition to find the greatest ever public relations coup, Austria would take the gold medal for having convinced the world that Hitler was German. But Sweden isn’t far behind.

The public face of this meat in the Scandinavian sandwich is gentle and rather cool. The word Sweden conjures up visions of willowy blonde girls, their naked bodies as white as the wood from a holly tree, sending digital photographs to one another on their slinky Ericsson telephones. Their husbands, meanwhile, are working at Ikea, then donating 99% of their income to the state for the well being of others.

It’s not quite like that. Sweden may be as resolutely neutral as Switzerland and as superficially peaceful as an ageing koala but it has one of the world’s largest air forces, and while America may crow about its stealth planes, Olaf has built himself a stealth warship. You can see it but the radar screens say it isn’t there.

Don’t be fooled by Lapland either. With its picture postcard fir trees dripping with geometrically perfect snowflakes, this appears to be Europe’s last wilderness. Just mile after mile of utter silence.

But nestling in its midst is the mining town of Kiruna. Now if I can be permitted to liken Europe to the human body, Gascony is the stomach, Scotland the brain, Germany the fist, Greece the lower intestine and Italy the eyes.

So what’s Kiruna? Well, to be blunt, it’s the arse. There are no willowy blondes. In fact, there are hardly any women at all. Biologically, the receptionist at my hotel may have been female but aesthetically she was a tractor. Had I taken her out for a drink she’d have had a pint of diesel.

Not that I would have taken her out for a drink. Kiruna is like a Wild West frontier town. In one bar I had to duck smartish to avoid being hit on the head by an airborne chair. As the evening wore on a succession of fights resulted in all the furniture being reduced to the flat-pack state for which Sweden is so famous. Peaceful? You couldn’t get less peace if you staffed the White House war room with Millwall supporters.

Don’t be deceived by the high-tech phones and the Abba soundtrack. Let this lot off the leash and they’d be up the Humber tomorrow, stealing our women and burning Hull to the ground...................

11th Nov 2002, 04:56
well here in the south island we were 4th on the list of places to visit :)

11th Nov 2002, 05:59
I heard that Bali was on the original list but has been pulled by the producers prior to broadcast, for 'obvious' reasons.

11th Nov 2002, 09:06

I think Bali just scraped in at 49.

Surprised to see Machu Pichu out of "top 10". Maybe many people don't know it exists. And after my visit last week, Rome at a lowly 35, surely a mistake. No mention of Antartica which, apart from the obvious risks, must be a fantastic sight to see!

Did people know what they were voting for? I note that the vote was initiated back in April, and the BBC site merely says "places you think that everyone should see in their lifetime".

It would be interesting to see another vote on this list, something along the lines of, which of these places would you like to/do you intend to visit? I expect the positions would change!

Getting very confused about the information on the BBC site. Although "great Barrier Reef" is at #2 in the overall list, when you look at the top 5 "natural wonders", it only comes 4th!

11th Nov 2002, 12:24
Getting back to Lord Ribbit's original comments I support them wholeheartedly with the following addition. Why did they dare to waste taxpayer's money on sending weaping widows and cutesy pensioners back to places they had once been to or dreamt of?

This was the worst possible example of tabloid television. I felt very sorry for that woman who lost her husband but fail to see that it is the role of the BBC to send grieving spouses half way around the world in order to entertain the mono-cellular intellects who this potentially interesting concept was sadly tailored toward.

If Brenda's Broadcasting Corporation care to look at their charter they will see that they were not created, nor are they funded, in order that they can fight a ratings war based on the percentage of the intellectual pygmies that they can induce to tune in.

Are we now to expect the BBC to introduce their own version of News Bunny?

11th Nov 2002, 12:37
Glad to hear they kept it in.
The actual program hasn't been screened here yet but our local rag carried a story about it in the usual 'PC in Britain Gone mad' theme.:rolleyes:

Who has control?
11th Nov 2002, 12:50
Did anyone else keep a score? Mrs WHC & I managed 12/50.

What amused me were the waterfalls - The Angel Falls are '10 times the height of Niagara'. Victoria Falls - 'twice the height & twice the width of...Niagara'.
The 'falls-on-the-Argentina-Brazil-border-whose-name-I've-forgoten' - are 'absolutely enormous and dwarf Niagara'

Why does anybody bother to go & visit Niagara if its such a trickle then?

bit of a naff programme really - More of '50 places to see Craig Doyle' I reckon. But I fancy the Pyramids & Petra

11th Nov 2002, 14:28
personally, I always though that Easter Island would be a good place to see before I die. It's a place that would be much higher on my list than Cornwall. No offence to anyone from Cornwall which boasts an array of stone circles and standing stone as well as some beautiful countryside.

11th Nov 2002, 14:54
Can anyone please post the list? Thanks.

11th Nov 2002, 15:01

11th Nov 2002, 17:39
Mrs Wub and I scored 17

11th Nov 2002, 18:48
Evening Mr Draper.

I note (thanks newswatcher) that the antipodes feature four destinations in the first twelve which is not a surprise. I have to say however that the west coast of the South Island of NZ is an awesome experience and gets my #1 vote.

What is a surprise is that the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) at a particular time (26th Dec 2002) features not in the list at all.

You see, tourists and locals alike attending the MCG on and after Boxing Day during the current Ashes Series will witness the return of English Cricket to the stone age. I suspect this could well be an anthropological event that is not to be missed.

It saddens me to forecast the inevitable yet from the ruins may emerge from somewhere a newer more courageous dare one say competent cricket team that may some day better challenge Oz. (Perhaps the Reykjavik under 14's, for example.)

One lives in hope. Best wishes to you.:D

Niaga Dessip
11th Nov 2002, 23:34
Oh Rainbow! Must you?????

I dearly love WA, but your comments about cricket, true though they are, are in exceedingly bad taste!:eek:
The situation once again drives me back to drink....

niagA dessiP;)