View Full Version : England beat All Blacks!

9th Nov 2002, 16:18
England have done it sensationally beating the All Blacks 31 - 28! What a stunning game and boy am i relieved as i had about 50+ riding on it with the Kiwi boys at work!!!

9th Nov 2002, 17:06
Excellent match, excellent score.

Good to see Ireland beat the Aussies also!

9th Nov 2002, 17:09
...and Ireland beat the Aussies 18-9. A good day for the Northern hemisphere.
Cricket! What cricket?

Miss Cargo
9th Nov 2002, 17:26
Fantastic news!!! Unfortunately due to occupational hazzards I am at work and my employer refuses to agree to the merits of satellite tv. Ireland V Oz was most impressive and very pleased to hear that England won (even if I have taped it at home!!). Can we pressume that this is the shape of things to come? Will England finally be holding up some new metal next year? How did Jonah Lomu play? Still the same or were they actually trying to tackle him this time?:D

9th Nov 2002, 17:31
Lomu still had people bouncing off him and his first try was definitely not one!! No downwards pressure on the ball, never mind thats what happens with TV refs i suppose?!

All i can say is how is anyone supposed to stop Howlett? He's a pocket rocket, 100m in 10.68 secs, hmmmmm. One for the future me thinks.

Miss Cargo
9th Nov 2002, 17:41
I look forward to my video tape - even though I know the score now I have to see it for myself!! TV refs, mmmmmmmmh, disallowed tries seem to encourage penalties given away left, right and centre!!

Still the same question though - will England win the World Cup next year? I think we have the best chance we have ever had however, Johnno, Backy, Rowntree etc, I'm sure they will retire at the end of the season.....................

9th Nov 2002, 18:46
Miss Cargo

A Tigers fan per chance? Still think they'll win the Zurich Premier again this year just a little slow starting thats all. I went to school with Neil Back if i recall right. He was a few years ahead of me but he was not that big then!!

9th Nov 2002, 19:34
England win the world cup, not a chance I'm afraid.Just back from the Cabbage Patch, great game, great result. But we were given a lesson in slick passing and cutting incisive rugby by what amounts to a All Black "A" side.
Lets get a bit of realism back on the situation.


p.s. definitely a no to Lomu's first try.:mad: :rolleyes:

9th Nov 2002, 21:59
" I went to school with Neil Back " Yeah right, and what school would that be then?
If Matt Dawson was a pilot What type of plane would he fly???

Jelly Baby Freak
9th Nov 2002, 22:36
A great weekend for rugby, England win - despite the All Blacks 'B' team almost running amock in the last few minutes - a great win for Ireland on a very wet and waterlogged pitch - and even with the core of the team on 'England Duties'
Tigers still beat Northampton away!

So, all round some great rugby results!
And before you ask, yes I'm another Tigers fan/season ticket holder!!
Miss Cargo - any chance of covering a shift next time Tigers home game clashes with me roster?:D