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Tonic Please
9th Nov 2002, 10:41
I am on a mission to try to find out where I can get a model of this ship for my dad for christmas. He was on it for a school cruise in the 70's. I have run searches and found out about it, but no where can I find a model link.

Anyone got one for sail? :eek: Or know a number I could contact?

Smooth skies,
Dan :D

9th Nov 2002, 10:51
Couldn't find a model shop but you may be interested in this link:



Tonic Please
9th Nov 2002, 10:54
Thanks for your link. Its interesting, and has also enabled me to expand my search by sending them an email to see if they can help :D

Smooth skies
Dan :cool:

9th Nov 2002, 15:59
Tonic,I think it was called SS Nevasa,only a letter but it may help your search.Good luck.

Tonic Please
9th Nov 2002, 16:38
You are correct FF. Appreciate your observation...

Smooth skies


Boss Raptor
9th Nov 2002, 16:40
Went on the SS Nevasa, B&I Line school cruise in the mid 70's...

You might have to have it specially made by a ships model maker...go to Smiths and buy magazines like 'Ships and Shipping' and 'Breezes' they have interesting ads in the back both for model makers and models for sale...

My old junior school still has the copper SS. Nevasa plaque I won for the school in the cruise general knowledge quiz... :D

Speak to P&O public relations department (they owned B&I address in the City, St. Mary's Axe if I remember) they can be quite helpful on history, photos etc...if you cant get a model get a print/photo... ;)

9th Nov 2002, 16:42
SS Nevasa (http://www.merchantnavyofficers.com/july/nevasa%20colour.jpg)

The Nevasa - British India Line
Built by: Barclay, Curle & Co Glasgow. Yard No 733.
Tonnage: 20,527g; 11,496n; 8,271dwt.
185.6m long by 23.8m (609feet by 78.1)
Engines: Twin-screw 2x3 Parsons/ Pamatrada turbines 18, 400 SHP.
Twin propellers, Service speed 17 knots, (20.96 Knots in Trials).
Passengers 220 1st Class, 100 2nd Class, 180 3rd class, 1000 troops. Crew 409.
Laid down May 1953.
Launched by Mrs. J. A. Boyd-Carpenter, wife of the then Minister of Transport November 1955.
Completed on 12th July 1956.

Rebuilt by Silley, Cox & Co for school cruises. Tonnage increased to 20746 GRT. 307 passengers in cabins, 783 in dormitories.

Transferred to P & O in 1972.

Written of the register in 1975 at Kaohsiung in Taiwan where she was scrapped.


The penultimate ship specifically designed for trooping duties, the Nevasa, was also the largest conventional ship ever built for BI. Her delivery date coincided with the Company's 100th anniversary and, within the Company, was often referred to as The Centenary Ship. She was the third Company ship to carry her name which either comes from a village near Ahmednagar, Western India or could possibly be a corruption of Naivasha, a town and lake North West of Nairobi.

She was the company's 459th vessel and the first troopship built since the end of the Second World War.

With accommodation for 500 officers and their families and 1,000 NCOs and men on the troopdeck, Nevasa introduced a new era of trooping by sea. She had many comforts compared with older vessels, including stabilisers to reduce rolling in rough sea.

Nevasa was built on the Clyde and launched on November 30, 1955, and sailed into Southampton for the first time the following year.

For 6 years the Nevasa was able to complete the duties for which she was designed but with the Government decision to transport troops by air her career as a Trooper came to an end and after her final trip in September 1962 she was laid up on the River Fal in October of the same year.

Unable to be used on any other regular BI route she lay forgotten on the Fal until October 1964 when BI decided to spend 500,000 on a conversion and turn her into an education cruise ship, with accommodation for 1,100 pupils and teachers, and 230 private cabins for cruise passengers. She was fitted out as an Educational Cruise Ship at Silley Cox and Co. Ltd., Falmouth. Unable, because of her draft, to visit some of the ports that Dunera and Devonia called at regularly she nevertheless had a very successful career. She made nearly 200 voyages, steamed around 750,000 miles and carried 187,000 students.

On the 5th December 1972 her ownership passed to P&O and due to the oil crisis her future became rather bleak. So much so that on the 2nd April 1975 she was sold to Nan Feng Steel Enterprise Co. Ltd for demolition and work commenced at Kaohsiung on the 10th June.

How to find ship plans (http://home.planetinternet.be/~pin31209/shipnote.htm#plans)

9th Nov 2002, 23:25
I went to the Copernick search engine and everything came up "Nevassa", must say Nevasa looks more correct though.

Boss Raptor
9th Nov 2002, 23:41
is definately SS. Nevasa - British & India Steam Navigation Co. Ltd (P&O)

13th Nov 2002, 18:11
Yep, definately one "s". Went on a school cruise in 1967. Supposed to go to Israel, but the 6 day war put paid to that.

14th Nov 2002, 09:45
I had the dubious honour of sailing on 'Nevasa' to Gibraltar in the 50s when she was a troopship. Us young airmen on the lower decks christened her 'SS Gorbals'. Came back on the 'Empire Fowey' - she was worse.