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9th Nov 2002, 01:38
I've just heard from a friend well placed in REX that last week, oncarriage between the two carriers was agreed upon. I haven't seen or heard anything so can anyone confirm or deny this rumour. If it's correct, I think that it's fantastic for REX and hope that it works out for all involved. :D :D

9th Nov 2002, 02:23
Well it's about time some arrangement was made.

9th Nov 2002, 03:55
I agree but what do Virgin tell their cbr originating pax, having just enjoyed a free stay in a luxurious lounge, sumptious food on crockery and champagne on their saab ride from CBR to SYD that they will be served nothing on the 737 ride from SYD to PER...

Eastwest Loco
9th Nov 2002, 08:18
The logistical side of this arrangement is far from pretty.

Rex does need the oncarriage/incarriage from another carrier, but neither carrier is set up for it as their reservations and checkin systems are poles apart.

There is no way apart from a manual load on each booking to save information such as inbound or outbound connections, so through cecking baggage will be messy to say the least.

Rex is already a real airline, living in a Global Distribution Service (Sabre) but DJ persists with their cardboard and string internet booking engine.

Now would be a good time for DJ to bite the bullet and go full time live in Sabre.

The cost per segment would be more than covered by the until now untouched revenue that would be derived from International bookings.

Playing at airlines may be a hobby for Dicky, but sooner or later one has to get serious or get out.


9th Nov 2002, 09:09

You don't sound to happy with DJ. Have they done something to you or is it just that there system is that annoying? It's pretty obvious that Sir Rick is not a fly by nighter, or as you put it, just a hobby for him. From what I see, DJ doesn't need REX, it's the other way round. Nonetheless, DJ is going to SABRE for the pilots rosters in the new year, unfortunately, I'm not sure if that means the sabre that you are talking about as I am unfamiliar with it. I certainly hope that this gets sorted out as I have many friends from Kendells there and would hate to see REX go under. :D :D :D

9th Nov 2002, 09:44
VB don't have to tell REX passengers a damn thing. The price for food is on the menu! It should hardly be a surprise to anyone at this juncture what VB is about and what is provided in return for an air fare. The fare is generally a good deal even when you have to pay for the muffin and drink. There is an alternative.

9th Nov 2002, 20:55
It would be interesting to compare the airfares between Rex (CBR-SYD) and DJ (SYD-PER). I'd then be able to work out how much the muffins really cost!

10th Nov 2002, 00:27
Considering REX don't fly SYD-PER I would say the muffin probably costs a hell of a lot in that light. Needless to say the SYD-PER segment isn't free thus to figure out how much the muffin really costs one would have to compare a CBR-SYD-PER airfare travelling REX/QF vs REX/DJ. Since QF have an abundance of capacity at the present I would say it is probably close. But I can assure you QF do not sell anything, or provide it "free", that is anywhere near as good as a DJ chocolate muffin. You haven't indulged until you have one of these delectable items.

Eastwest Loco
10th Nov 2002, 05:02

I am aware that DJ is live in Sabre for some agents on the fully flexible fares only, and such may well be using the system for other functions. These fares are non commisionable so agents ignore them or charge a fee for service. This is something I will not do on principle.

My main gripe is the lack of proffesionalism and knowledge at the checkin.

I happily give groups to DJ, and have about 60 passengers in a movement SYD,MEL and BNE to PER this month, so I cannot be considered anti DJ.

As I have stated, their systems are not user friendly for an agent, and I would certainly prefer an ageing QF F/A handling an emergency evacuation over a cute as hell DJ F/A just out of uni.

Call me old fashioned or a silly old fart, but there has to be a culture within an airline, and to date with DJ tis only exists at the pointy end.


10th Nov 2002, 05:10
Blueberry for me
And the real cost of a muffin??
About half of a can of Wild Turkey and cola:D :D

Eastwest Loco
10th Nov 2002, 06:28
Thats is cool Dr Phil.

However there have been numerous reports in this and other forums of DJ passengers being allowed on an aeroplane where they should have been offloaded or never loaded in the first place.

The "customer is always right" does not, and will not ever apply to airlines. It would seem that common sense has overriden the culture I have spoken of.

I wish DJ no ill will at all and hope they flourish, but hope they will accept some of the basic standands thay have made our industry one of the best regulated in the world.

The "kids" are great. but need a grown up with a little experience to fall back on.


10th Nov 2002, 08:55
Of course EWL you ARE in the best position to judge. Unless you go through our training school for FA's and pass our tests to our standards you really wouldn't be in a position to make the judgement.

Eastwest Loco
10th Nov 2002, 09:33

There is far far more to this industry than training courses. It is the insights handed down from generation to generation and the mistakes of those that have gone before that make a true airline employee - not a week in school and here's an aeroplane.

I am sure DJ will find that culture if they want to, but for now it is mostly Dicky fluff.

Recognise that and you are half way there.

Best regards


10th Nov 2002, 09:46

I do sometimes wonder about the FA's. Had an interesting moment a few months ago

i was paxing in Row 2 awaiting departure well back in the que for take-off when a mobile phone rang. I looked at the 2 FA's. They looked at each other with a look of ....."hell what do we do now"..........they elected to do nothing..........on arrival in melb i was last off & i mentioned the incident to the FA & enquired nicely why he did nothing.........His reply was ......I didnt wanna upset the passenger........!!!!!!!!!!! wouldnet happen at QF or AN.

I pointed out to him that the tech crew would have wanted to have known & would not have departed until the phone was off

Eastwest Loco
10th Nov 2002, 09:58

My point exactly. An airline just waiting to happen.


10th Nov 2002, 15:23

You should also take into account that many of the VB
F/As are ex Ansett, Emirates etc, and for that matter how
many of them be they VB,QF,AA or any other airline in Australia
has ever been put to the test in real life, not very many thank
goodness, so it is pointless trying to guess how any F/A would
react in a real life emergency, I have full faith in their training
here in this country, and as was proved in Bali, amazing how
Aussies come good when the chips are down.


10th Nov 2002, 22:49

For my bit, I've worked at a few airlines now and have friends in many others. VB's F/A's before the start of every day that they are flying, all sit around and go through emegency procedures, what to do scenerios etc. I've never seen this done at any airline before (except when a couple talk to each other about opening doors etc). I'm not saying that other airlines don't do it either, but should an F/A be weak in this area, she/he gets revision training etc. Personally, I think that this is a great culture to have.

Sweet N Innocent
11th Nov 2002, 02:18
There have been cases in the past where VB FA's have been offloaded from crewing a flight
when not proficient with EP's during pre-flight briefings.
Yes the majority of VB FA's are pretty young things, but as previously mentioned a huge amount
are ex Gulf, Emirates, Ansett etc etc.
Its amazing when faced with an emergency whether its technical, medical etc how your training comes
together and past experience may or may not bear any effect on how you handle the situation
you're faced with. Some ex AN FA's I've spoken to have never had a medical situation with some
having up to 6 years experience.
In my 10 months service with VB I've worked with a fantastic bunch of guys and girls, all very switched
on and proficient with procedures. Basically, if faced with an emergency I'd feel comfortable with my life
in these guys hands.
I'm pushing 30 with 12 years of work/life experience behind me.
I often get mistaken for a 22 year old. Does that make me incapable because I am youthful looking???

SnI :-)

11th Nov 2002, 05:23
I have to agree with Sweet n Innocent , however, I've just turned 40 , got 23 odd years work behind me, people ( including my wife ) mistake me for a 65 year old and yep you guessed it...........I'm pretty incapable!!:(

11th Nov 2002, 05:44
just on booking DJ..it actually can be a nightmare sometimes booking them...i did work as a travel agent until just recenlty...and we could do it on the net..in our GDS u could only see the timetables..but even those were not up to date...then to make changes to a booking you have to call virgin..and it ends up too hard!

was just much easier to book qf and issue the e tkt BANG!

though sometimes for last minute bookings DJ are great (and much cheaper)...just wish they were in the GDS!!

Eastwest Loco
11th Nov 2002, 07:48
(Ducks for cover and runs!!)

Apolgies if I have stepped on any toes.

I will refrain from future comment until I suck it and see myself.

All my info, apart from personal contact with DJ staff is from SLF.


You are correct re the booking system - it is extremely cumbersome, and now QF fares are often cheaper, particularly over the lower volume DJ routes, so with 5% commission, 4.3% overide after the revenue is flown and 1.5% profit share from the franchisor, well - what is the logical commercial decision?

One must also take into account the amount of time required to process a DJ booking and the inability to go back and modify the booking later without having to call the (excellent) res staff.

Great for groups, terrible for individual bookings.

Best all


Balanced Moment
11th Nov 2002, 09:20
Funny how a thread can stray. Can anyone actually answer the first question posed ... which was whether Virgin Blue and REX had signed an interline agreement? REX staff are none the wiser.