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8th Nov 2002, 23:55
G'day Guys,

Id like to know what is the BEST quality 737 type rating out of Qantas, Premair, Flightsafety, Air NZ, Pan Am and the Virgin Blue type endorsement company (ENDORSEMENTS AUSTRALIA)?



eisle s
9th Nov 2002, 00:12
downwind, I guess it depends on the Quality ,(or should I say thickness) of your wallet. Most the overseas endorsements take approximately 3-4 weeks but very concentrated and give you the knowledge required. Qantas takes much longer and obviously goes into a bit more depth,(however do not proceed as quickly as the shorter structured courses), but is much more expensive. I have herd very good reports about Endorsements Australia who are very busy and booked out until Feb. In answer to your question I would say Qantas would give you the best grounding to start your line flying, but at what cost?

9th Nov 2002, 00:14
The best is SAS

10th Nov 2002, 00:00
Any body else got any more suggestions????:D