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Tonic Please
9th Nov 2002, 00:48
Just been feeling quite low lately with regards to, well, everything. My plans for Canada next year are easily accomplished with work. I now have work, and gives me good money. Still, parents throw the worst scenarios at me. They say for the best, but still, its like they are trying to make it harder for me on purpose...

Second to that, my "friends" are no help, so I feel on my own on this one. It's something I dont think one can go through" alone" with (flying that is), and I cannot wait until I am in Canada, where I love, with my lady friend, enjoying life and starting fresh and doing what I love...Flying :cool:

How did you cope with harder times, when you felt down? No one was there for you. What did you do? Who did you turn to?

Smooth skies,

9th Nov 2002, 01:26
I stayed totally focussed on my goal and allowed nothing - or no-one - to deflect me from it. It was a case of ruthless concentration on achieving just one thing.

It worked.

9th Nov 2002, 10:58
You've got to learn by your own mistakes. No-one else can make them for you. Your family and friends are probably all jealous that you're willing to take a risk like this.

Hell, it's Canada, even if you have to chop off a limb to go... DO IT!!! :D :)

9th Nov 2002, 12:40
1. Get into your music. I mean find the tracks that really stir you, relax you or inspire you. Make sure you listen to them when you're feeling low.

2. Do something to relax once a week. Making sure you relax occasionally is a good way of keeping focused. No one can stay focused all the time, so you need to relax - take you eye of the ball once in a while and look at something else!

3. Exercise. It's a great diversion from thinking and wanting a goal that is just a little too far away.

Best wishes for Canada.

Tonic Please
9th Nov 2002, 13:04
Thank you so far for your replies and wished for Canada. They are much appreciated :D As some have suggested, take my mind off the goal some and relax. I listen to jazz, which is relaxable music so thats good, and I also play the piano...again, jazz and oldies/classics. Nice to know I have support from PPRuNe....What a wonderful place :)

Smooth skies,
Dan :D