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8th Nov 2002, 20:25
Review: Georgie W. Potter And The Chamber of Nuclear Secrets

The world premiere of Georgie W. Potter and the Chamber of Nuclear Secrets took place in London on Sunday.

You do not need to watch the film to see that Georgie W. Potter still has the magic touch.

The film, the second in the series of the famous books by J.K. Rowling , is set ten years after the original when the father of our hero battled the evil Saddamort. This time, the battle against the evil wizard is lead by the young Georgie W., aided by his trusted companions Tonione Blairanger and Dick Cheneasly.

Searching for the Saddamort's fabled Chamber of Nuclear Secrets, our heroes face their toughest battle yet to convince their fellows at Hogwash School of War Propaganda that Saddamort is alive and well, and building a nuclear arsenal directly under the noses of the students.
The premiere itself was one of the most extravagant seen in London with a grandstand built opposite the cinema, complete with a flying Ford Anglia Cruise Missile perched on top.

The star-studded event, attended by many British stars still awaiting their own outing in future books by Ulrika Jonsson, bathed in the limelight of the magic of the Texan Wizard.

"It was as magical as before." Patsy Kensit told us. "We were all a bit disappointed with the first film, when the first Georgie let the evil Saddamort slip through his grip, but we had high expectations that Georgie W. would find the Chamber of Nuclear Secrets and rid the world of the evil wizard."

Without ruining the best parts of the film, for those who have read the books, there are still some unexpected twists, as young Georgie W. finds the Chamber and is forced to come face to face with Saddamort. This time, Tonione continues her smart comments but increases her influence over the other students at Hogwash who initially refuse to believe that Saddamort is still a threat to life at the school.

The breathtaking finale, with Georgie doing battle on the back of his Nimbus 2002 Missile is one for cinema history. Whatever you are doing in the coming weeks, make sure you book your date with this spell-binding cinematic experience.

Georgie W. Potter And The Chamber of Nuclear Secrets opens for general release this Friday.

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