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8th Nov 2002, 20:02
At last!! Something I do is considered good for me. I fit the profile as well (apart from the smoking). :) :D

Sorry, got to go, just off to the percolator............

The Times - Nov 08:
Seven coffees a day cuts diabetes risk

PEOPLE who drink lots of coffee are less likely to develop diabetes, according to a new study. Seven or more cups a day reduced the risk of type 2 diabetes by 50 per cent when compared with those who drank up to two cups, Dutch researchers reported in The Lancet.

There is a worldwide “epidemic” of type 2 diabetes, which usually develops in middle age. It can usually be controlled by diet and drugs but long-term consequences include heart disease and blindness. The condition develops when the body becomes insensitive to insulin. Coffee reduces insulin sensitivity but other components in it, such as magnesium or chlorogenic acid, may have beneficial effects.

Rob van Dam and a team at the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment found that the people who drank the most coffee tended to be overweight men who smoked and drank, had a poor diet and did relatively little exercise. They would normally be prime candidates for type 2 diabetes but their coffee habit may have saved them.

The Nr Fairy
9th Nov 2002, 05:03
I preferred the one in the Electronic Telegraph which explained why being an accountant was better than people imagined.

Funnily enough, the bit about them having sex twice as often as other people which is what got me thinking about turning into an accountant . . .

Uncle Cracker
9th Nov 2002, 06:49

I wonder if that makes me an imaginary accountant - I think about sex twice as often as anyone I know..

9th Nov 2002, 14:53
Typical bean counters. All they do is think about it. ;)

Uncle Cracker
9th Nov 2002, 16:14

You've not seen what I'm thinking! ;)

9th Nov 2002, 16:40
According to the "Readers Digest" more than 4 cups of coffee per day also decreases the likelyhood of Gall Stones and Kidney Stones.

Time to fire up the Cappuccino Machine again ! :D

10th Nov 2002, 01:40
Sex and drugs and rock n roll is all my body needs.

Oh yeh. Money too (to get the sex bit).