View Full Version : Phantom Menace

Windy Militant
8th Nov 2002, 14:15
A worrying thought occured to me after a comment that someone made about the Boeing Phantom Works.
If the Bean counters catch on to the idea of selling Virtual Aircraft to the Virtual Airlines people, then the best office in the world might become a thing of the past!
I mean think about it no need to employ all those tin bashers and rivet punchers. No need for all those aerodrome thingies and all the grubby people who lurk in dark corners doing strange things that eat into the profit margin. If they could figure a way to sell virtual holidays that would be it job and finish. All they would have to do is open a web site and let the money roll in. It would be a downsizers wet dream, you could run the entire company with a dozen or so geeks locked in a garage in some third world country. Hell if you made it into a role play format they'd probably pay you for the privilege.......

8th Nov 2002, 14:51
Hmmmmmmmmm --- sounds like the ideal world for --- "ssshhhhhh - you know who - NDR" :D :D :D