View Full Version : Pacific Rim Airways

8th Nov 2002, 11:25
Does anyone know further, Aussie AOC application supposedly in pipeline for a B747-200F to serve west coast of US.

Rubber Chicken
9th Nov 2002, 00:11
If it is the same Pacific Rim that was around late 90's flying L100's from Oz to Japan via PNG and to the Canadian base in Antartica flying supplies than I would keep my distance. The first aircraft arrived and flew for 1 month mostly empty. Suddenly the CEO was nowhere to be seen and neither was any of the money. Plane departed and when back to the US. End of Pacific Rim. The chief pilot went troppo in PNG although he was a liitle troppo in PNG long before that. Last I heard he was married to a chimbu princess and yes she does have the lovely full face tatoo's. MMMMMM

9th Nov 2002, 03:10
Did the CEO get the lot?. Rumour is the CP's meri has an expensive new nosebone,and a cassette player.

9th Nov 2002, 11:39
CP initials not DB by any chance?

Rubber Chicken
10th Nov 2002, 09:51
Cp initials BS oddly enough!