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Uncle Cracker
8th Nov 2002, 11:02
Went to see it (for the first time) the other night at Bradford. It was the best night out I've had in a very long time. I'd seen the film a long time ago and thought it was okay but the live show? It was brilliant. It took me completely by surprise. The audience partici.............pation was as funny as hell. No, I didn't "dress" for the occasion as I went on the bike and it would have been a bit cold, but I was in a very small minority. Anybody else been/going?

8th Nov 2002, 14:16
We have seen the show three times now. Love it. Very good indeed.

Never had the b*lls to dress up though. Mrs G. says I don't look my best in stiletto heels, fish net stockings and a suspender belt.

Still, what we do in the privacy of our own home is no ones business !!!


Mr & Mrs G.

:) :) :)

8th Nov 2002, 14:33
Bring toast.

Just an other number
8th Nov 2002, 15:55
OK Let's have the earliest attendance at the show. I'll start with 1977 in Chelsea. Any better bets?

And we went on my bike Suzy GT500 - those were the days...

Uncle Cracker
8th Nov 2002, 16:15
Hey J a o n
I rode a kettle the day after the show!

8th Nov 2002, 16:32
Went to see it a few years ago in Brum. The theatre (spoilsports) were very insistant that people shouldn't take "props" in. They searched absolutely everyone and were confiscating toast, rice, water pistols etc, etc.

Still, loads of people managed to smuggle stuff in. Two extraordinarily fat girls in front of me smiled when I muttered about the meaness of the ban. They then turned round and produced two very large water pistols. Where they'd hidden them, I really hate to think! :eek: :eek: :D

the funky munky
8th Nov 2002, 22:26
Not to mention Kit Kats or newspapers.

8th Nov 2002, 22:36
just an other number

I was at the King's Road Theatre production in '77 as well. It was absolutely fantastic. Went with a mate visiting from Rhodesia (as it was then), he couldn't believe his eyes. There were people in strange costumes wandering up and down the aisles (and I don't mean safari suits!).
The next night we went to see "A Bed Full of Foreigners" thinking it would be quite kinky too. Turned out the stars were Terry Scott and June Whitfield! We left after 20 minutes. It was as funny as leprosy.
Now, where did I leave my stockings?


9th Nov 2002, 13:43
Eastwood Mall Cinemas, 1981, Birmingham Alabama U.S.A.

"Time Warp," anyone?

10th Nov 2002, 02:33
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PS I seen the one with Tim Curry in the late 70s.

10th Nov 2002, 19:59
Saw it at the King's Road Theatre in '77 as well, with Tim Curry & Richard O'Brien. Remember many of the cast were lying under the seats as the audience came in, and scared the s*** out of a large number of punters when they appeared...

Chimbu chuckles
11th Nov 2002, 10:05
Yeah saw it in Sydney in the late 70s...Tim Curry...think I went 4 or 5 times in the end.


11th Nov 2002, 11:29
Not into it myself, but I used to know a girl who went to see it several times a year. I asked her what was so special about it, and she couldn't explain it. She was a bit eccentric, so I didn't expect a decent explaination!

I did get to see quite a few pics of her and her friends dressed up for the show, which was good. Unfortunately, most of them were either jail-bait, or only just about legal but far too young for me.

She's gone off to university now, haven't seen her for a couple of years. I'd imagine she's seen the show quite a few more times since I last saw her though! Mad. Completely mad.