View Full Version : Alliance Airlines to start Brisbane - Sydney

8th Nov 2002, 05:57
My informant tells me Alliance will be operating on the Brisbane - Sydney route by Jan 2003. Alliance will have 2 gates in T2 at Sydney. Alliance also plan to operate from Sydney to at least two other ports in QLD. Details will be released by mid December about the same time the next F100 arrives.

8th Nov 2002, 06:02
Just read in the aviation section of today's Australian than Alliance will be operating out of T2 in the not too distant future.

8th Nov 2002, 07:01
i heard they will also be starting darwin-cairns in the new year? any news on this?

Dog One
9th Nov 2002, 02:33
Understand the route will be DRW GV CS, with a further extension to AS and the Rock. Interests at Gove want more tourists, especially internationals. Business has been a bit quiet since the demise of AN. Wouldn't be surprised to see some financial interest in Alliance by the locals.

Also understand QF about to give GV the flick and run just run their 73's DRW CS direct.

10th Nov 2002, 01:19
Will a 717 fit into either GV or WP???
Serious question.

10th Nov 2002, 01:46
qf have started a daily direct flight between drw and cns using a 734, departing drw at 0200, this route was launched from oct 27

10th Nov 2002, 02:00
D-L-F, yes 717 will fit there OK

Dan Kelly
10th Nov 2002, 06:03
QF have been running direct CS-DN-CS for almost a year now. The Oct change was simply rescheduling due Daylight Savings time. DN-CS now at 0200 instead of 0600.

DOGGY, Given loads on Qlink through GV, I can't see QF giving up the route.

11th Nov 2002, 11:54

Will it get out though?

And if so with how many pax and how much petrol??


14th Nov 2002, 05:23
Brisbane - Sydney planning has gone past the PNR. Plans are for 3 return flights per day.

Next 2 aircraft are from US Airways.

Sheep Guts
17th Nov 2002, 21:08
Anyone got contact details for Alliance? Or their requirements etc?
Any onfo much appreciated.


ccy sam
18th Nov 2002, 02:35
Sheepguts, a word of advice. Stay far from Alliance. It is being run by people who hate pilots and screw them because they can. The turboprop drivers are still only employed on a casual basis and are driving taxis etc the rest of the time to make ends meet. The F100 guys have just been put on full time because its cheaper for the company than part time. There are some very fine pilots in Alliance, however this is not a requirement for advancement. Grovel rash is. The name may have changed, but not the attitude.

30th Nov 2002, 23:30
latest update guys and gals
Next 2 F100's are from US air with no actual arrival date bar jan/feb next year. They're being bought and not leased for 14 mil and come with the biggest spares package in the world. Its all the spares that US air have to maintain 40 F100's and includes 8 engines. Supposedly so much parts it would fill Alliances hangar.

If people would stop whinging about alliance and just get on with the job we'd all be a lot happier and a least we have work. where else would you go anyway? Or would you rather be like Ansett staff and have nothing?

Peter D Thomson
22nd Dec 2002, 07:36
IZEE you suck dick....got a fukker ticket yet......say hello to the boys from me

22nd Dec 2002, 10:39
B & T,

Who knows??? We don't!!!:rolleyes:

22nd Dec 2002, 13:12
Surely any plans to fly BN-SY by Alliance aren't directed at stimulating an already fully developed market (only two airlines these days, but how many flights per day???) but to provide convenient and seamless connections for their charter and contract customers to points south of Brisbane, with any empty seats to be sold to walk-in or perhaps corporate customers.

My impression of Alliance is that they like measured growth across a spectrum of business interests, not spectacular debuts for questionable returns.