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8th Nov 2002, 02:11
Go on, show your age.

Packets of salt in a packet of crisps.

Rectangular bar of super frozen Walls Ice Cream in a cornet.


Jag XK 120s

Christmas, when it snows...

Summers at Blackpool.

Horseshoe crabs.

Half cab buses.


Long range prop jobs.

A decent bacon sarnie.

Dip Buttys.

Training Risky
8th Nov 2002, 02:15
Little bottles of milk and a straw at primary school

star bars

marathon bars

opal fruits


8th Nov 2002, 03:17
1/2 penny chews
Thrupenny and sixpenny bits.
Ten bob notes.
Wind-up gramaphones and 78s going soft and bending in the sun.
Hot valve radios with the cat asleep on top.
Sunday dinner of roast beef and 2 veg, with Round the Horne and the Navy Lark on in the background.
The Eagle.
London Pea-Soupers and going to school in the dull silence, tapping my hand against walls to find the way.
Watching Arsenal do the double - at White Hart Lane to beat Spurs and then Wembley to beat Liverpool.
Saturday morning matinee cinema with Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon.
My first digital watch with the glowing red face.
Watching the start of the first episode of Doctor Who and wondering what so exciting about an fart with a granddaughter living in a junkyard.
Twizzle, Space Patrol and Fireball XL5.
Taking a girl on a first date to see the premiere of a musical by a couple of kids in the Roundhouse in Chalk Farm - "Joseph and His Amazing Something or other". I wasn't paying much attention. :D

8th Nov 2002, 03:24
Cor, blimey, guv….

Feeding the birds at 2d a bag
Outside lav with that synthetic pine smell shiny toilet paper
Bathing in a galvanised tub in front a smouldering peat fire
The Irish potato famine
Press gangs
Brandy for the vicar and ‘baccy for the clerk
Piemen on the way to the fair
Wrecking ships
Public executions
BSA Bantams
Coal cellars & lorries
Rationing and dripping on toast
Brown paper parcels tied up with string
Shops that sold only one commodity, like fishmongers
Prawn cocktails
Potato flavoured crisps
TV that closed down in the afternoon and at night
Garages that filled your car up for you
Woollen bathing trunks
Watching bands play live BEFORE they became famous
Rotary aeroplane engines
Offering your bus/train seat to a lady
Speedway bikes with no silencers
Police cars with bells
Rory Gallagher
AA men with big brown boots and yellow motorbikes and sidecars

I'm lying down now...

8th Nov 2002, 04:43
Jet engines with loud grunt (senior Speys etc)
hand-written love-letters (iso emails)
uncomputerised blow-up love dolls
scared of catching only the crabs or dribbley d!ck or syph
non-EFIS cockpits
Super Chicken
late-night poofter hunts and street beatings
poof-free public bars (theyd wisely be in the lounge bar)
"men only" clubs
aero club porno-movie nights (fund-raising)
PC meant "police constable"

Sultan Ismail
8th Nov 2002, 05:49
The bread van, pulled by a horse

The milk float, pulled by a horse

The gas company's steam lorry

The fishmongers dray (or whatever), he pushed that himself, except when he came to the only bridge in town, he paid a couple of us schoolkids thruppence to help him push it up, and retard its descent.

Sunday dinner with Roast Beef and 2 veg, and Billy Cotton in the background, so I am older than ORAC.

The Quatermass Experiment

Little Red Monkey

The Skylon

The Dome of Discovery

Billingsgate when it really was a fish market

Vickers Valiant at takeoff power and a bit, out of Marshalls Aerodrome, Cambridge

The wind, the rain, the freezing snow, smog... no thanks, not anymore

Back to the future, tropical islands and a Highveld farm

8th Nov 2002, 07:30

8th Nov 2002, 08:01
The days when not only my eyes, but my breasts could look you in the eye. :D

Anthony Carn
8th Nov 2002, 08:23
Televisions in huge boxes with tiny goldfish-bowl screens -- that needed manual tuning -- and only one channel -- and a lovely aroma when warmed up ( the telly I mean).
Mantle clocks with Westminster chimes.
Gas pokers.
Coal fire smoke and smell in every street.
Horse-drawn rag-and-bone men.
No immigrants anywhere, almost (wait for the flak).
No flak when referring to immigrants.
Proper ice cream, with bits of ice in.
Austin Sevens, Morris Eights, Rileys, decent Jaguars, Armstrong Siddeleys, decent MGs, Alvises, Jowetts, ...lots of lovely old cars.
Stuffed matresses.

8th Nov 2002, 08:51
Proper size Mars Bars.
Record players plus 45's and L.P. records
Corporal punishment (About the only thing that knocked some sense into me..OUCH!)
The Ford Capri.
Being able to get a pint for under a quid.
'Furry' paisley wall paper.
Anything Paisley!?!
I can't remember the name of them but those machines with the compressed gas bottles and concentrate that you could make you own 'fizzy' drinks.

8th Nov 2002, 09:24
Here goes then.........

Childrens books with the title:
"Little Black Sambo and the Red Shoes"
"Little Black Sambo and the Tiger"

Sherbet Dips with licorice straw
Rolf Harris Stylophones
Flick out indicators on cars
Inkwells in school desks
The cane
Little boys in shorts..I diddnt get my first long trs till Iwas 11.
Decent Pop Music
Respect for people and property
The ability to crack a "dodgy" joke without being PC

and the list goes on.....

Uncle Cracker
8th Nov 2002, 10:33
FS - Sodastreams. (You can still get them.)

I don't really miss anything cos I'm still very young.

8th Nov 2002, 10:43
Smog so thick that when you blew your nose your hanky went black
Unheated trolleybuses
Only one heated room in the house.
Cars that needed a full service before you dared to take them to the seaside
Saving up for a week so that you could afford to phone your auntie in Yorkshire.
"Made in Japan" meant cheap and shoddy.
Dentists drills driven by string, used by dentists who didn't waste money on anaesthetics.
Patronising crap on TV that you watched because it was all that was available
No pop music on radio except through the static on Luxembourg 208. The BBC did studio cover versions to keep the unions quiet, and they were dreadful.
Embassy records - cheap second rate cover versions sold by Woolies, and bought for you by aunts who knew no better.
Being methodically robbed by every butcher greengrocer and grocer

Most things are better now.

tony draper
8th Nov 2002, 10:52
Little girls in the front street, singing songs to accompany their skipping games, ditto the tennis ball bouncing agin the wall with dress tucked into baggy knickers game, again accompanied by various songs(I wonder if anybody ever recorded those ditties).
Lads on the dark nights playing Jack shine yer Light or releevo (sp) during the day(prolly had different names in different areas these street games.
Playing Japs and Americans in the park with sticks for rifles, nobody ever wanted to be a Jap or a Brit,(the uniforms were crap). German or American uniforms were regarded as cool.
It was always the spoty fat excused PT kid who had Japanese citizenship forced upon him.
Small boys in the park? jumpers for goal posts?, enduring image, isnt it, ;)

8th Nov 2002, 11:04

They still have those film nights at a local flying club I know.

OK, a few cherished memories:

One night stands
Little Black Sambo books
My old golliwog
Sex in cars in remote rural locations on warm June evenings (I'm a country girl, OK?)
Milking my grandparents' house cow (they didn't approve of pasteurisation)
Beating the **** out of boys in the playground (primary school)
That golden moment when I passed my driving test
Fry's Turkish Delight
Gordon's Gin the way it used to be
Chips wrapped in newspaper (always the newspapers my father wouldn't tolerate)
Cosmopolitan magazine when it first came out (with the male pin-ups in it)
The Biba store in Kensington
Filling up the car and having change from a fiver
Christmases when it snowed

8th Nov 2002, 11:34
Respecting your elders.
Pound notes (made you look like you had loads of money even when you didn't)
Allowing your kids to play outside - anytime
Kool-aid (not sure of spelling - was this sold in UK?)
You could have a MINOR ACCIDENT without the fear of having your house reposessed to cover legal bills.
Playing Kiss chase and loosing on purpose!
Buying a rail ticket and using any train you wanted to get to your intended destination.
Being able to afford the train ticket.
The train arriving at all.
Its a knockout

................................and breath out.

8th Nov 2002, 11:36
Beer at 1s and 10d a pint.
1d chews.
3d for a packet of crisps.
Matchless 250.
Norton Commando 750.
Press button A.
Isle of Wight rock festival.
No electonic calculators.
No mobile phones.
No personal computers, no e-mail, no pprune.
Petrol stations closed on sunday.
No M25.
Ploughing on a Fordson Major, winter, no cab.
405 lines television,five minutes to warm up.
The epilogue.
Radio Caroline.
Apollo moon landing.
Optimism about the future.
Being a teenager with my whole life ahead of me.
The vietnam war.
Concorde first flight.

8th Nov 2002, 12:39
A working left knee, nerve sensation in my right thigh and sherbet dips :)

8th Nov 2002, 12:52
"No immigrants anywhere"
and than say -wait for the flak-

:mad: :mad: :mad:

Where would yer sodding isle be without them?
Most of your presently still running businesses are thanks to

Try show me wrong..............

8th Nov 2002, 12:58
Sugar loaf in a cone shape wrapped in dark blue paper.
Cutlery that was not stainless steel and had to be cleaned.
Bonfire night complete with spuds baked in the ashes.
Carol singers.
Nana's scones.
Real chips.
"Listen With Mother."
The rag and bone man.
Pens dipped into the inkwell in the desk.
Noddy and Big Ears.
Janet and John.
Crimplene dresses.
The Lone Ranger.
Rin Tin Tin.
Sunday Night at the London Palladium.
Hula hoops.
Adjustable roller skates with key.
Old ladies wearing shawls.
Coal fires.

It's a bit like Proust's Madeleine isn't it ... every memory calls up others!

8th Nov 2002, 13:05
Racing around on me trike...
Me PVC helmet with press stud flaps over the ears...
The 'Ringtons Tea' man and his pony & trap...
That overhead cable operated contraption in the Co-op. You paid at the counter and they put your money in a cylinder and pulled a handle to fire the cash to the cashier in her cage. Then she fired back the change and the receipt...
The suction tube version of the same thing in 'Robinson's Department Store'...
The rabbits we kept in hutches in the back yard. For eating...
Grandma's pies and pastries...
Being allowed to lick the mixing bowl clean after the cake was in the oven...
Fetching fresh baked bread from the bakery and biting off one corner for meself on the way home...
Hoying clemmies at the bottom-ender kids. Well they were Catholics so they were fair game eh?...
Hanging over the railway fence on "Diversion Weekends" and seeing Mallard hauling a Pullman to Edinburgh...
Vampires and Meteors passing overhead on the approach to Middleton St. George...
Holidays aboard the "Dandylion" at Whitby and Scarborough...
Muffin the Mule, Picture Book, The Flowerpot Men - seriously hilarious!...
(I know muffin the mule is illegal but what the hell! :D)

Through difficulties to the cinema

Windy Militant
8th Nov 2002, 14:11
Dandylion & Burdock, you could only get it in the chipshop.
Picking tiny wild strawberries on the way home from school.
Eating sweetened condensed milk straight from the tin or tube.
Horlicks tablets.
Ifor y train bach (The Welsh version of Ivor the engine)
Making whistles from Hazel or Sycamore twigs.
Noggin the Nog.
Bleep & Booster.
Home made Ginger beer and Elder Champagne.
Lucky bags.
Summer days running free in the fields and woods.
Look And Learn (Magazine)
The badly dubbed French show about the Mirage squadron.
Building and driving pushcarts (on the road)
Playing Cricket, Tennis, Football on the road.
Eating dog biscuits out of the sack in the farmers shop (well I was only five at the time and they were yummy!)

8th Nov 2002, 14:38
* Playing cricket under the light on the road in front of our house with all the kids in the street on hot summer nights.
* Bush biscuits
* Having 'Sun on the Stubble' read to us
* Going to the 'pictures' on Saturday nights
* My Mother's Roasts
* My Dad's singing
* Thierry la Fronde
* Parking the car on the fence at the football, beeping the horn for all the goals
* The train making its way through paddocks of Salvation Jane
* Having little to worry about
* Playing 'elastics'
* The Australia Day Test series in Adelaide - the one-dayers aren't quite the same


You want it when?
8th Nov 2002, 15:21
Windy Militant - French Mirages lyric you might remember is "Do or die as the aeronauts fly..."


Sherbet dabs
Commando comics/books
Airfix kits in plastic bags
Summers that went on for ever
Snow at Christmas
Falling asleep in the back of the car listening to mum and dad
Running or cycling everywhere
Never feeling the cold or the rain
What's a hang-over
British bulldog
Cigarette cards in the spokes of the bike
Lucky bags (a toy, sherbet and a chew wow!)
Wee Wifies down the hill on ice slides (too scared to stand up)
Savaloy and chips with pease pudding - only from Wallsend
School discos
Getting chips, and a jar of cockles from the chippie and watching MASH on a Saturday night


Comics - 200AD, Beezer
The orginal Star-Trek series
Mission Impossible
Men from U.N.C.L.E
Planet of the Apes

Knowing that it's all ahead of you with no choices or options closed due to things beyond your control i.e. your age. :(

Just an other number
8th Nov 2002, 16:15
9d each for Superman comics
blackjacks (or fruit salad) at 4 for a penny
9 penny rings
Boys World
icicles in winter of 63
Heinkel bubble car
Bedford Dormobile
no central heating
no heating

9th Nov 2002, 01:38
Spitfires and Vampires over Dublin.
Class K's [ S.R. designed N steam locos] bringing us to the seaside on sundays.
Seeing the Blue Max and Red Baron being made from the front garden of my parent's house.
Star Trek [TOS].
1 pennyworth of sweets.
Victor and Sparky.
Shops at Christmas at night, all decorated,lit up, no shutters.
Beatles,Moody Blues.
The moon landings.

9th Nov 2002, 10:19
Cod liver oil and molasses spoon fed every morning at school at school
Parcels done up with sizal string and red sealing wax
The Light programme and the Home Service on the radio
Buying a pound of broken buscuits at the grocers.
Bread and dripping for breakfast
Playing in the street wearing WW2 gas masks
Playing marbles in streets with few/no parked cars
Taking my first date to the premier of Ben-Hur
Going fishing on the beach and catching a bagful of fish every day.
China kitchen sinks
Filtering the milk through an old pair of stockings cos we didn't have a fridge.
Gas lights
Starting handles on cars
Steam driven road rollers
The rag and bone man with his horse and cart (The real Mr Steptoe)
Having a full head of hair and set of teeth.

9th Nov 2002, 14:26

Just having read your first post, you can still buy the old Smiths "Salt 'n' shake" crisps in stores, mostly in the larger supermarket stores.

10th Nov 2002, 03:05
Oh yeh and do I miss those old porn movies when the girls actualy enjoyed their work! When the bloke came it was a real genuine smile on her face, not like the latter-day expression of "thank christ Ive successfuly completed another contract!" on these Brianna B. types.

Sliding member
10th Nov 2002, 03:26
Shrinky Dinkys
Novelty Records (Starturn on 45 pints et al)
2 Star petrol
The Close Down & National Anthem on TV
A pint of Ale for just over £1

Select Zone Five
10th Nov 2002, 10:02
You can still buy Star Bars too...they are a little hard to track down but they do still exist :p

tony draper
10th Nov 2002, 10:06
I miss the public executions,great day out for the wife an kiddies them was. :rolleyes:

10th Nov 2002, 11:34
When Kids were Cheeky not Evil

sitting in my parents car outside the pub with crisps, I'd never head of before.

The excitement and anticipation of teenage sex

My train set

walking across fields to my mates houses

Drinking Bloody awful home brew made by Kev out of Bananas

not being a grown up

rope swings over streams

sitting around listening to records


10th Nov 2002, 19:56
Oh god, and I'm only 34 :eek:

1. Commando and Battler Briton comics
2. Being able to buy the sweetshop for 10p
3. A pint of Ale for well under a pound
4. Being able to start my car without some sanctimonious Eco Nerd having a go for Poisioning her children
5. Being able (at 7 years old) to walk the 2 miles to school without fear or worry.
6. Curley Wurleys that were a foot long
7. Being read the Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton in class.
8. Bad guys with a bit of class in a James Bond movie.
9. Summers working at Bray Lock
10. My Dad
11. Its a Knockout on TV
12. Proper footballers, not the nancy boys we're stuck with today
13. Post/Newspapers/Milk that arrived before you got up and not at Midday.
14. Aircraft that made real noise.
15. British Bulldog (how exactly did I not get crippled)
16. Vanilla Milkshake syrup
17. Councils that provided a service.

I could go on.........