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outback aviator
7th Nov 2002, 07:59
:) Heard today at approx. 0330 utc. FNY, (Skywest's F-100)in transit through Port Hedland heading for Bne.
Yee Ha! Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!:cool:

7th Nov 2002, 08:19
VH-FNY landed Bne at 19:15 local.

First of many!!!!!:D ;)

8th Nov 2002, 06:05

True, many more to come!

It's never been a better time to buy Fokker 100's!

Must be time to purchase a Sim!

8th Nov 2002, 07:03
do skywest actually own this one or are they leasing off alliance???

Ref + 10
8th Nov 2002, 08:54
Umm, first of all Skywest's F-100 is FWI. It is doing three runs a week Perth to Argyle primarliy, so any flight over Port Hedland shouldn't have anything to do with Skywest (on that run at least).

From what I have heard Skywest are leasing it from Alliance. A couple of flight attendants from Skywest have been trained on it but the majority of flight attendants are from Alliance. The pilots are Alliance. Skywest are using Alliance's AOC (therefore making it a cross-charter type setup) and Alliance engineers are training the Skywest engineers so that the maintenance can be done in-house at Skywest.

Hope I haven't offended or upset anyone.


Stick Pusher
8th Nov 2002, 09:37
ref +10

The Skywest F-100 that was in Headland was FNY (Skywest a/c will all start with FN_). Headland was it's first landfall from it's ferry from Europe. It was on it's way to Bne for some final touches, before comming back to WA and taking over from FWI which will head back to Alliance. At the moment it's a mix of their F/A's and Skywest's, until they finish their training. Some Skywest crews have started their ground courses with more starting next month. Using the Alliance AOC until they get their own next year.


Ref + 10
9th Nov 2002, 10:20
Stick Pusher - you guys are all correct and I was wrong. Found out at work today that FWI has gone back to Brisbane and that the Skywest one was due in Perth today or tomorrow. Wasn't here when I left a 6.

Sorry for sprouting prematurely! :(

9th Nov 2002, 16:24
Did a PER/GYL/PER this week in the little fokker......

Was nice not to have to unfold oneself trying to get out of the seat, and the legroom was much better than on the cramped sardine tin with the marsupial logo.

Service couldnt be faulted at all.

And as for the arrival into GYL - maybe now I'll be able to repair all the compressed vertebrae that the marsupial gave me - reminds me - must send my lose fillings to Mr Dixon.....

Havent heard one complaint yet from any of the SLF.

Well done guys and girls - you've got yourself a convert away from the red tails!

11th Nov 2002, 12:05
National Jet operated the Perth - Argyle - Perth service this evening in a BAe 146 - 100 (NJX) as the F100 had not been delivered to Perth.

Would imagine this would not sit well with Argyle management!

detached observer
12th Nov 2002, 01:03
Have heard National Jet also operating Argyle instead of F100 for rest of this week? Anyone know what happened to the F100?
Lucky for Skywest that NJS can do the job - I think the customer would be seriously pissed if no aircraft to move their employees, as this means big bucks lost for the mine.

12th Nov 2002, 12:45
Appears that one of the manuals for the aircraft was left in Holland - and the to-ing and fro-ing has begun with CASA.... nothing like red tape to slow up things :p

In the interim, using a flying blowdryer (146) with a FK50 as backup.

Word has it that the electronic version of the documents are avbl, but it's up to CASA to accept that or push for the paper version....:(

I'm with stupid
12th Nov 2002, 23:39
Shades of when Impulse " took " the Santos contract away from NJS, but to give Skywest credit, at least they actually operated one flight ;)

Gives alot of creedance to Alliance upsetting VB and QF on the East coast :rolleyes:

14th Nov 2002, 04:15
dear oh dear...not a very flashy start for skywest with the jet equipment...

:p :p

14th Nov 2002, 05:13
Thurs from Sydney Airport Message board:

Howdy all

F100 VH-FNY departed BNE today at 0650hrs, to ASP/PER. Due into PER @ 1130hrs.

It's first Skywest flight is later today (1700hrs) to Argyle, returning tomorrow @ 1045hrs.



14th Nov 2002, 07:55
is it painted up in skywest livery or operating all white for now???

14th Nov 2002, 09:17
When I saw it yesterday it was all white and no name.

Crash & Burn
14th Nov 2002, 10:34
Photo of FNY departing on its inaugural flight to Argyle here (http://www.airliners.net/open.file/294447/L/).

16th Nov 2002, 07:06
There is always something about all white aircraft that screams "ORPHAN" or "HOW LONG AM I HERE FOR?" :(

Though I suppose it looks better than a half blue half An.... tail

Is there a new Skywest livery in the pipeline ???

outback aviator
18th Nov 2002, 04:19
:eek: The answer to your question A 86 is yes, but when is unknown at this stage.
If half of the rumours that I have heard are true this F-100 won't be an orphan for long.
Watch this space!!!!!!!;)

detached observer
18th Nov 2002, 07:31
What would Skywest do with another F100 in WA? They don't have enough work to sustain this one (20 flight hours a week reported). They also claim to have no plan to compete with QF. Most other ports in WA are much too insignificant in size for F100 size ops. Anyone shed some light? Not aware of any mining contracts coming up for renewal that are jet size.

outback aviator
18th Nov 2002, 14:47
:D Instead of conjecturing DO as I said "just watch this space" ;)

detached observer
19th Nov 2002, 00:52
Outback Aviator - I don't think people in this forum are the type to simply "DO as you say". Do you have anything constructive to add to the discussion?

outback aviator
19th Nov 2002, 07:47
yes you dummy, DO is an acronym for detached observer.

Airspeed Ambassador
19th Nov 2002, 08:14
Good luck to Skywest getting a jet at last.

However, if it's true the Argyle contract is only worth 7 mil. over 3 years, they are going to have to find some good contacts with better returns to offset the heavy discount they gave to win this one.

7 mil for 3 flights per week for 3 years works out to $15,000 per flight or about $2500 per hour! After paying for the fuel, that wouldn't leave much. What a bargain for Rio Tinto!!

It's a cut throat world this "Fly In - Fly Out" business!:rolleyes:


19th Nov 2002, 12:02
I have to agree with Outback Aviator, and that is WATCH THIS SPACE !!!!!!

19th Nov 2002, 23:54

20th Nov 2002, 10:42
more like 7 mil per year:)

20th Nov 2002, 10:54
Sounds like the Flight west way of stopping other companies getting the contracts for the FIFO by seriously undercutting the cost to stop the competition. But we all know where they ended up.
Bring it on