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6th Nov 2002, 20:44
I am a great fan of the Press. I buy one or two big papers every day, and I read a lot more on the Internet.

I had started to think that the papers are getting above themselves, but the Burrell business is specially awful.

Burrell is attacked today in all of the popular papers - except the one that got his story. It is said (and I don't know!) that the Daily Mail bid for his story and was rejected. Today's Mail was full of anti- Burrell vitriol over a lot of pages. The Sun cobbled up a story from other sources until M'Learned Friends put a stop to it. They are anti-Burrell too.

What disgusting hypocrisy - and yet these papers are the ones that seek to pin that vice on their victims.

In the words of a famous, dead, journo:

Pass the sick-bag Alice!

6th Nov 2002, 22:28
Well he's not exactly covered himself in glory has he ?

Anyone would have thought he'd have the sense to shut up and keep a low profile for a bit.

Yes the Burrell business is awful. Rotten to the core, the lot of 'em.

Vive la republic !

tony draper
6th Nov 2002, 23:44
300 thou is a lot of temptation. ;)

That seems to be all that counts now, how much money you can make or demand without doing anything for it, or actually producing anything.
Seems to be a major pastime of the great and the good now,we can,t have the common folk doing it though.

oooeerrr Drapers bolshie past showing thru there. :rolleyes:

Training Risky
7th Nov 2002, 00:14
Well said Drapers...the sight of the butler on TV plugging the Mirror's special 50 page exclusive on such a trivial matter, compared to other stuff occuring in the world:mad:

Makes me glad I stick to the Torygraph

Select Zone Five
7th Nov 2002, 00:17
I really hate tabloid newspapers and anyone that sells their story to them...:mad:

Why do people read them?

7th Nov 2002, 00:18
Seems as though Burrell is doing the well hung sheep and lamb bit - apparently also going to host an American TV quiz show "What the butler saw"....

is he any relation to Boz Burrell - former King Crimson/Bad Company bass man?

7th Nov 2002, 08:56
I was shocked, can the Royal family sink any lower.
The butler recons the The Queen reads the ................Mirror!.
Shock Horror.

I'm not sure I'll be voting for Liz when the new Queen elections come around.


Flip Flop Flyer
7th Nov 2002, 09:03
WTF is a Burrell? I know of Bernoulloni and his principles, never heard of this fella.

Yes you are blessed with the worst tabloid press in the world over in Blighty. One could argue that the number of resident tosssers is directly proportional to the number of copies they sell of that [email protected] An awful lot of tosssers roaming your island then. It's starting to make sense.

Stands up, flies the colours, no west or helmet.

Flying Lawyer
7th Nov 2002, 17:24
Sadly, you make a very valid point, Flip Flop.

There's an old saying that 'a country gets the Press it deserves'.


I appreciate Burrell needs the money, and 300k must be very tempting, but he's lost the moral high ground he seemed to have at the end of the trial. But he's not the first, and won't be the last, to fall for 30 pieces of silver.
On reflection, I suppose one welcome consolation is we have a few days break from being bombarded with the trivia put out by the loathesome Beckhams' non-stop publicity machine.

Capt Homesick
7th Nov 2002, 19:19
As an alternative view.... here is a bloke who tried to protect the reputation and property of his late employer, and has lost two years of his life to a criminal trial. He is unlikely to be employed as a butler again, quite possibly has a large legal bill to pay.... all of a sudden, he has the chance to have his say, while solving some of his immediate financial troubles.
Can anyone here be sure that, if they had a chance to publicly humiliate someone who has done them harm, while simultaneously pocketing a large sum of money, they would not be tempted? :p

7th Nov 2002, 19:49
I don't think that I have made my point well.

It's not Burrell who concerns me, it's the blatant cynicism of the papers that offered to buy his story and then turned on him when he sold to someone else. Yet these are the papers that criticise double standards in others.

If, for instance, he had accepted the Mail's offer, does anyone believe that the headlines would have been the same?

Perhaps, as has been said, we get the press we deserve, but it is scary that the idiots who pay for and lap up this garbage also have votes. Thank God they are ususlly too bored to use them.

pax anglia
7th Nov 2002, 20:09
Unwell Raptor.....

I'm glad you made the point about tabloid readers having the vote. I believe that the combined circulation of the "Popular Prints" is somewhere in the region of 10,000,000. I've always regarded myself as being a reasonable and decent man (I know self-praise is no recommendation) but it is a statistic that horrifies me. Just think of that lot trusted with the tools of Democracy.

Remember..."It was The Sun what won it".
God help us one and all.

PS Anyone remember the C4 series "Hot Metal"? It was a comedy series set in the offices of a tabloid newspaper called the "Daily Crucible". The chief reporter would introduce himself as "Greg Tittler, Her Majesty's Press".